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The Hazy Skies

The sun is shining, but cloud and smoke are hiding the sky.

We’ll see how things look from above and across the nation.

See you in 2020 Brisbane.

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Lunch At Happy Days Diner, Maryborough

Saw Mum and then had lunch with my sister during her work break.

Happy Days Diner has a themed burger/americana menu.

And photo opportunities with the king.

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Visiting Bauple

On our way home from Maryborough today my wife mentioned she’d never been to the township of Bauple, which is off the highway south of Tiara.

Apparently there’s family history in the region. We did go past a Cunningham Road, so it seems legit.

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Evening Commute

Full day of meetings concluded.

Train trip and then a shortish drive, and then sleep.

Longer drive to visit family tomorrow.

Then dinner with friends.

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Hopefully Not All Three

Warning sign purposely located to keep people on the platform at Murrarie Train Station, Brisbane.

Important use of the comma between ‘fine’ and ‘injury’. I’d have used one between ‘injury’ and ‘or’ as well. The meaning seems pretty clear, but you’re communicating with people who think jumping down on train tracks has a future.

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Sorry Extroverts

My pleasure at having a seat-space between me and my fellow passenger for the next two+ hours outweighs my guilt about selfishly just wanting retreat into myself and not feel an obligation to interact with a stranger.