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Best Supermarket

Never get to spend enough time here.

That might be a good thing, though.

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Trade Off

Bumped to next flight, one hour later.

Sitting in exit row, with reserved overhead luggage space on full flight.

That may be a comfort in our fifth hour driving home this afternoon.

Traveling companion (BJ) is pretty comfortable as well.

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I Am Sirius, … And Don’t Call Me Shirley. Or Ferry McFerryface.

I thought Ferry McFerryface was a good name for a ferry.

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View Of Sunrise From The Treadmill, Jetts Haymarket, Sydney

Watching the city wake up.

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Pushbikes Of Sydney

Something different on this trip to Sydney has been sightings of pushbikes just sitting around the place unattended.

Watch them quietly resting in the urban wilderness, sometimes alone, other times in small peletons.

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It’s Called The Redlands

Out for my walk this morning.

The name The Redlands is literally true, as you can see.

So much of this soil is under houses.