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Letting Someone Else Drive

Having been driven to BNE airport by our niece at an unbelievably early hour, the next section of our trip home also involves having someone else drive.

In three hours or so I’ll be back behind the wheel in Adelaide.

God willing, I won’t be back until February.

(I wonder if the person I saw buying a glass of red wine in the food court thought it was 5.30pm and not 5.30am. Queensland – where it’s ALWAYS beer o’clock.)

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End Of The Playlist

Thanks to my wife’s brother for the loan of his car this past week. It helps that he’s away working at the moment, but one achievement is that we made it to the end of his not-quite-infinite playlist.

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Time To Move

Leaving Maryborough, Qld.

On to Brisbane today, Adelaide and home tomorrow.

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Apple Watch Travel Stand

Just in time for six weeks away this Belkin Apple Watch travel stand arrived today.

Using my existing charging cable the stand can roll up the cable, fold flat, or sit the watch in night display mode.


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Flight Safety Video Featuring Lego Movie Characters

Australia is supposed to be fun-loving, so how come we never get entertaining flight safety videos like this one featuring the characters from the Lego Movie.

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Mount Gambier airport’s id is MGB.

It’s a little counterintuitive, and staff in other airports don’t always remember it.

Anyway, after six and a half days, I’m home.

And a little bit over travel.

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The Long Way Home

Chaos at Brisbane airport due to fog. As it happened I was dropped off early, so I’ve been changed to an ‘earlier’ flight (which is still due to leave 30 minutes after my original one).

Many thanks to Virgin Air.

That’ll get me into Melbourne for my connecting flight. (Which may be late, anyway.)