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Frosty Reception

Outdoor walk in a spring frost in Mount Gambier.

Lulled into a false sense of security after my time in Queensland I didn’t wear my gloves.

It took twenty minutes after I got home for proper feeling to return to my hands.

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Still Probably Safer Than The Pick Avenue – Jubilee Highway Intersection

This looks like a snap compared to Mount Gambier’s notorious Jubilee Highway – Pick Avenue Intersection.

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Official Mount Gambier Emoji Soon To Be Released

Among the seventy or so new emoji that will be released later this year, there is an official one in honour of our town, Mount Gambier.

The emoji people aren’t exactly identifying it as such, but it’s pretty obvious.

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Not Just For Cats…

Winter in Mount Gambier is cool.

Cold really.

And not just for cats.

For everyone.

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That’s Better

View from the front door at 6.50am on April 1, and at 6.50am on April 3.
(Apologies to parents with children under five.)

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Mount Gambier Grieves

Four lives lost.
A community grieves with their loved ones.


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Mount Gambier’s National Anthem

This was playing on Adelaide’s ABC while I was out walking this morning.
Pretty much sums things up around here.
If you were going to move here you’d better get familiar with this.
Lee Kernaghan’s I Milk Cows.