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I Wait – All Sons And Daughters With Sandra McCracken

All Sons And Daughters with Sandra McCracken perform an acoustic version of I Wait.

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This Is The One – EMU Youth EP

My subscription copy of the latest release from EMU Music arrived today.
It’s a five track EP entitled This Is The One and is branded EMU Youth.
Apart from being deeply unqualified about much to do with the tastes of youth and young adults, the tracks seem to achieve their aim of producing songs that have engaging lyrics and melodies, while also being capable of being played and sung in group gatherings.
It also came with a seven-day devotional book, a first for EMU, and the $10 price for a five track EP seems reasonable.
I’ve featured a couple of the songs on recent Sunday nights, with more to come.

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This Is The One by EMU Youth – Sunday Songs

The title track from EMU Youth’s EP This Is The One.

The lyrics:
This is the one who calmed the storm,
Who stopped the waves with just a word
He is the one with power, with power, unending
This is the one who heals the blind
With power to raise the dead to life
He promises forgiveness, forgiveness of your sin
He is the one who loved you first
The one who knew you before birth
Before creation of the earth, Jesus
He calls you out of darkest night
And welcomes you into the light
He is the one that you can trust, Jesus
This is the man who conquered death
He is the one who rose again
This is the one who died for, who died for, for your soul
This is the one who reigns above
The definition of love
He is the one who gives you, who gives you, your new life
‘Cause someone bled for you, died for you, sought to make you his
Then he rose for you and clothes you in his righteousness

Words & Music: © 2016 Alanna Glover & Liv Chapman

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My Song Is Love Unknown by Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega has a new album coming out in May.
This retuned version of My Song Is Love Unknown is both the first released track, and the title track as well.
I don’t know if this will last for long on youtube, so enjoy it while you can.
Backing vocals by Audrey Assad.

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All Things New – Sunday Songs

We won’t sing this as a congregational song, but it’s one of my favourites for Easter Sunday.

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Easter Song by Keith Green

Fortunately there’s no embargo and no spoilers involved in posting this tonight.
Easter Song by Keith Green.

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Live And Breathe by More Than Rubies

Live And Breathe sung by Christa Wells and Nicole Witt.