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Faithful Friendship And A Life Marked By Jesus And Redemption – A Songwriter’s Spirit, A Pastor’s Heart

This is from a review of Everything As It Should Be, a new album by singer/songwriter Andy Gullahorn.
Fellow song-writer Andrew Osenga muses about Gullahorn’s capacity to keep producing album after album of personal and poignant vignettes that resonate with real life.
To keep doing so requires life lived well with others.
It resonates closely with what a pastor does.
From Osenga about Gullahorn’s songs:

Well, you have to live them. That’s how. You have to actually love people. And be the kind of person they turn to when life falls apart. You have to know how to listen more than you speak, and then not try to fix them when you do.
You have to know people for years. You have to forgive them when they let you down. You have to let them forgive you, too (which is, of course, the hardest thing. Until you’ve done it).
You have to walk closely for a long, long time with your spouse, your kids, your friends. With people in your congregation and your neighborhood and your bowling alley and some other church’s basement with old carpet and hard plastic chairs.
You have to ask hard questions without judgment. And ask them again when you’ve been shut down the first dozen times. You have to hold your friends when they’re crying and not look away when it’s uncomfortable.
But beneath all of that wonderfulness there is faithful friendship and a life marked by Jesus and redemption.

Read the review of Everything As It Should Be at the Rabbit Room, where you’ll find more information about the album.

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We Believe (Apostles’ Creed) – Sunday Songs

We Believe is a song that follows the contours of the Apostles’ Creed in a singable setting and tune.
It featured on Stuart Townend’s recently released album, Courage and was also on Keith and Kristin Getty’s 2016 album Facing A Task Unfinished.

The lyrics:
We believe in God the Father
Almighty, Lord of life
Creator of the Heavens
The earth, the sea, the sky
And we believe in Jesus
The only son of God
Born of the virgin Mary
Who lived as one of us
We believe in one true God
Father, Spirit, Son
One Church, one faith, one Lord of all
His kingdom come
We believe that Jesus suffered
Was beaten, crucified
He died and he was buried
Entombed in darkest night
The third day rose victorious
Ascended into Heav’n
Will one day come to judge us
The living and the dead
We believe in God the Spirit
One church, empowered by Him
Communion of God’s people
Forgiveness of our sin;
Our bodies resurrected
To everlasting life
To worship, love and wonder
Before the throne of Christ

Words and Music: Stuart Townend, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty.
Copyright © 2016 Getty Music Publishing (BMI) and Townend Songs (PRS) (admin by Song Solutions; Thankyou Music (admin by Integrity Music)

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Clint Eastwood Reading Modern Praise Song Lyrics (via Lutheran Satire)

This video revisits the old ground of modern versus classic expressions in song lyrics, but how can you pass up the idea of Clint Eastwood in full curmudgeon mode reading modern praise lyrics.
It had me at ‘oh I feel like dancing, it’s foolishness I know’.
And before you think that I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever is too old, a couple of newer ones get a run too.
Sadly, no sloppy wet kiss.
That would just be beyond satire.

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Weighted Mind by Sierra Hull

This version of Sierra Hull performing her song Weighted Mind turned up on YouTube.

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I Will Wait – Sunday Songs

I Will Wait is from Matt Searles’ new album, Watches Of The Night.

The lyrics:
To you O Lord I lift my soul
In deep distress I cry
I need your mercy every hour
O hear me from on high
If you O Lord should mark our sins
Who could before you stand
forgiveness comes from you alone
And mercy from your hand
I will wait for you
I will wait my Lord
I will wait for you
More than watchmen for the dawn
More than watchmen for the dawn
Come put your trust in God alone
His mercy never fails
Redemption’s light has dawned on us
Behold the coming day

Words and Music: Matt Searles

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Hold On by Joy Ike

Joy Ike has released Bigger Than Your Box (her fourth album).
Hold On is one of the tracks.

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My Dwelling Place (Psalm 91) – Sunday Songs

A setting of Psalm 91, My Dwelling Place is from Keith and Kristyn Getty (along with Kelly Minter, Chris Eaton and Stuart Townend) and features on their Northcoast Sessions EP.

The lyrics:
My dwelling place is God Most High
My refuge and my fortress
When plague and pestilence draw nigh
I’m hidden in His Presence
When terrors fall and arrows fly
His shield will be my safety
When stones across my pathway lie
On angels’ wings I’m carried
My dwelling place is God Most High
A present help in danger
I rest secure in love’s pure light
Beneath my Master’s favor
He freed me from the fowler’s snare
Where sin and shame had bound me
Deceived I’d made my refuge there
Till fearless He came for me
Wonderful, powerful
My hope and my defender
Mighty God, Emmanuel
My dwelling place forever
My dwelling place is God Most High
I’ll never seek another
For I am His and He is mine
My heart He’ll keep forever
I know the Name on Whom I call
He promises to answer
With life He satisfies my soul
And crowns me with His pleasure

Words and Music: Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Kelly Minter, Chris Eaton and Stuart Townend

© 2016, 2018 Getty Music Publishing (BMI) / Getty Music Songs, LLC (adm. by / Here’s to JO (BMI) / West Lodge Music (BMI) (adm. by BMG ) / Townend Songs (PRS) (adm. by in the US and Canada and by elsewhere in the World)