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Lead Me To Calvary – Sunday Songs

It’s always a pleasure to find a hymn that I haven’t heard before.
Lead Me To Calvary was composed in the first half of the twentieth century by Jane (Jennie) Evelyn Hussy.
It’s very much in the Gospel Song heritage than classic hymnary, but has a very attractive sentiment about it.

I couldn’t go past this rendition by a group called The Soul Stirrers.
You’ll hear Sam Cooke’s unmistakable vocals on this.

The lyrics:
(Most recordings use the first and last verses and sometimes the third. One recording had a different verse altogether. Sam doesn’t get past the first one, but I don’t care.)
King of my life I crown thee now —
Thine shall the glory be;
Lest I forget thy thorn-crowned brow,
Lead me to Calvary.
Lest I forget Gethsemane,
Lest I forget thine agony,
Lest I forget thy love for me,
Lead me to Calvary.
Show me the tomb where thou wast laid,
Tenderly mourned and wept;
Angels in robes of light arrayed
Guarded thee whilst thou slept.
Let me like Mary, thru the gloom,
Come with a gift to thee;
Show to me now the empty tomb —
Lead me to Calvary.
May I be willing, Lord, to bear
Daily my cross for thee;
Even thy cup of grief to share —
Thou hast borne all for me.

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Abide With Me by The Slocan Ramblers

I’ve been reflecting on the hymn ‘Abide With Me’ for a couple of funerals this week.
Here’s a rendition I found by The Slocan Ramblers from 2012.
I’ve never heard of them before, but I like this interpretation, it’s not a mournful hymn, it’s a great and comforting hope.

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Softly And Tenderly by Wilder Adkins

Preparing for a funeral on Wednesday, part of my reflections are the lyrics to the hymn Softly And Tenderly.
We’re not singing it, but its part of what was desired for inclusion, so I’ll weave it in somewhere.
Last week I came across the music of Wilder Adkins.
Here’s his rendition of the song from his 2019 album In This Pilgrim Way.

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Jesus, Strong And Kind by CityAlight featuring Colin Buchanan – Sunday Songs

How better to start Sunday Songs for 2020 that to feature a new song from CityAlight that features national treasure Colin Buchanan?
Jesus, Strong And Kind is a very simple, slow-paced song that features the faithful lyrics and (corporately) singable melody that is expected from these sources.

The lyrics:
Jesus said
That if I thirst
I should come to him
No one else can satisfy
I should come to him
Jesus said
If I am weak
I should come to him
No one else can be my strength
I should come to him
For the Lord is good and faithful
He will keep us day and night
We can always run to Jesus
Jesus, strong and kind
Jesus said
That if I fear
I should come to him
No one else can be my shield
I should come to him
Jesus said if I am lost
He will come to me
And he showed me on that cross
He will come to me

Words and Music: Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, Michael Farren & Colin Buchanan
© 2019 CityAlight Music

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Refugee King by Liz Vice

Refugee King is a song by Liz Vice that was released a couple of months ago.
Jesus experienced exile and alienation on our behalf, so that we could be brought home.

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Sierra Hull and Scott Mulvahill cover John Hartford's "Today"

I don’t know who John Hartford is, but I enjoy the solo music of both Sierra Hull and Scott Mulvahill, so when they record an impromptu rendition of any song together it’s a ‘yes’ from me. This is called ‘Today’.

According to the notes on YouTube this was recorded on an iPhone. Which hardly seems possible.

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What Star Is This With Beams So Bright – Christmas Songs 2019 Day 36

The final day of the twelve days of Christmas (and this season of Christmas songs) is also known as Ephiphany.
The focus (principally) seems to be on the visitors who came to honour the one born to be king.
Whether they were kings, wise men, sages, or scholars and whether there were three or more is not the main point.
The main point is that they came from from afar to worship Jesus.

Here’s a song I’ve never featured before (or heard of before) What Star Is This With Beams So Bright translated by John Chandler from the original lyrics of Charles Coffin.

This rendition provides verses 1,2, and 4.

The lyrics:
What star is this, with beams so bright,
More lovely than the noonday light?
’Tis sent to announce a newborn King,
Glad tidings of our God to bring.
’Tis now fulfilled what God decreed,
“From Jacob shall a star proceed;”
And lo! the eastern sages stand
To read in heav’n the Lord’s command.
The guiding star above is bright;
Within them shines a clearer light,
And leads them on with pow’r benign
To seek the Giver of the sign.
O Jesus, while the star of grace
Impels us on to seek your face,
Let not our slothful hearts refuse
The guidance of your light to use.
To God almighty, heav’nly Light;
To Christ, revealed in splendor bright;
To God the Spirit now we raise
A never ending hymn of praise.