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The Saving One – Sunday Songs

MGPC learnt a new song while I was away.
The Saving One, by a group called Starfield.
I like this acoustic version.

The lyrics:
Verse 1
What mercy was revealed what selflessness and peace
My fate was surely sealed until He rescued me
His pardon for my sin, His bounty for my need
From slavery and shame, I am redeemed
And Heaven can’t contain
The glory of The Son
Jesus is The Christ The Saving One
His love has made a way, the grave is overcome
Jesus is The Christ The Saving One
Verse 2
No fear can hold me down
Nor darkness steal my joy
For blood has been poured out the enemy destroyed
Death could not hold him down
The cross was not enough
To steal away His throne for He is God
And anyone who calls upon his name
They will be saved, they will be saved
And anyone who calls upon His name
They will be saved, they will be saved
(Written By Tim Neufeld/Jon Neufeld/Mia Fieldes © Fieldstar Music) (admin. by EMI CMG Publishing) (ASCAP)


Westminster Confession Of Faith – Lord’s Day 35

Westminster Confession Of Faith – Lord’s Day 35

Chapter 21 – Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath-day (Cont.) Paragraphs 4-6
IV. Prayer is to be made for things lawful, and for all sorts of men living, or that shall live hereafter; but not for the dead, nor for those of whom it may be known that they have sinned the sin unto death.
V. The reading of the Scriptures with godly fear; the sound preaching, and conscionable hearing of the Word, in obedience unto God with understanding, faith, and reverence; singing of psalms with grace in the heart; as, also, the due administration and worthy receiving of the sacraments instituted by Christ; are all parts of the ordinary religious worship of God: besides religious oaths, and vows, solemn fastings, and thanksgivings upon special occasion; which are, in their several times and seasons, to be used in an holy and religious manner.
VI. Neither prayer, nor any other part of religious worship, is now, under the gospel, either tied unto, or made more acceptable to, any place in which it is performed, or towards which it is directed: but God is to be worshipped everywhere in spirit and in truth; as in private families daily, and in secret each one by himself, so more solemnly in the public assemblies, which are not carelessly or willfully to be neglected or forsaken, when God, by his Word or providence, calls thereunto.

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Bursting Point (preparing for MGPC 27/8/17)

Song: 10,000 Reasons
Call to Worship
Song: The Saving One
Prayer Of Confession
Song: Approach My Soul, The Mercy Seat
Affirming our Faith: The Apostles’ Creed
Song: Now To The King Of Heaven
Bible Reading: Amos 4:1-13 – Amos prosecutes a second covenant lawsuit targeting the “cows of Bashan” (Bashan being a fertile area east of the Jordan River) and recalling various judgments which the LORD sent to warn Israel, yet failed to result in repentance. Consequently he warns, “prepare to meet your God” (verse 12).
Bible Memorisation: Mark 2:17b
Song: All Creatures Of Our God And King
Bible Reading: Mark 2:23-3:6
Sermon: Bursting Point
Song: O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus
(Tithes & free will offerings will be taken up during this song) Guests are not obligated to give an offering.
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: How Great Is Our God

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Gracefully Graces Me

My daughter tagged this video for me on Facebook.
She said I remind her of the person on the left.
I thought she was showing it to me because she was like the person on the right?
Or maybe my sister?
OR maybe both.
But I’m not sure about me and person on the left.
“Don’t think about it, just sing”

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Footy Tipping 2017 – NRL Round 25 / AFL Round 23

It’s the traditional time of year where coaches get unceremoniously dumped, rather than the early round nonsense.
It’s also the time of year where a few upset results turn up as players and teams that have barely performed all year find the incentive of a contract for next year produces something closer to the form that has eluded them the rest of the season.
The last round of the AFL. Looks like Essendon will make up the numbers in the eight. Richmond have their destiny in their own hands to finish fourth or maybe third with a good win.

NRL (last round 6/8; season tally 118/176)
North Queensland

AFL (last round 7/9; season tally 118/189)
Port Adelaide

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The Singularity Of The Crucifixion Of Christ (via Fleming Rutledge)

The cross is no benign decoration for wall or jewelry.
It is a sign of shame and scandal.
And it might have passed from human notice except for particular crucifixion over two thousand years ago.
From Fleming Rutledge:
We can begin with the oddity of the universally recognized signifier, “the crucifixion.” It will help us to understand the uniqueness of Jesus’ death if we can grasp the idiosyncrasy of this manner of speaking. There have been many famous deaths in world history; we might think of John F. Kennedy, or Marie Antionette, or Cleopatra, but we do not refer to :the assassination,” “the guillotining,” or “the poisoning.” Such references would be incomprehensible. The use of the term “the crucifixion,” for the execution of Jesus show that it still retains a privileged status. When we speak of “the crucifixion,” even in the secular age, many people will know what is meant. There is something in the strange death of the man identified as Son of God that continues to command special attention. This death, this execution, above and beyond all others continues to have universal reverberations. Of no other death in human history can this be said. The cross of Jesus stands alone in this regard; it is sui generis. There were many thousands of crucifixions in Roman times, but only the crucifixion of Jesus is remembered as having any significance at all, let alone world-transforming significance.

Fleming Rutledge, The Crucifixion – Understanding The Death Of Jesus Christ Eerdmans, Grand Rapids MI, 2015, pg 3.