Surendra and May Wesley are carrying out ministry in Mount Magnet, Western Australia, under the shared support of the Presbyterian Inland Mission and Australian Presbyterian World Mission. In this video, posted by APWM’s Kevin Murray during a recent visit, Surendra speaks about the response to the establishment phase of their work.

Fans of Sara Groves probably already have her last album Invisible Empires and are busy listening to her latest Floodplain. But if you haven’t got a copy, or you’d like to hear a great lyricist and get a couple of bonus tracks head over to Noisetrade and download Invisible Empires free for a limited time.

The fact that Mental Floss published this article means that I’m not the only one who wonders about questions such as this. The answers provided sound okay. And having heard a bit about emotional ‘intelligence’ at my training days in Sydney, it’s interesting to think that this is a sign of dog’s capacity to read …

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