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Right-Hand Drive Side Dog

Took Bella the kelpie for a walk today.

Bella tracks the right hand side of the footpath both on the outward bound and return sections of the journey.

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Black And White Photo Day 6

Sixth of seven days of black and white photos.

No explanations.

None needed.

No nominations.

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Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave Park

This video of a dog refusing to leave a Gold Coast park may bear a passing resemblance to Margaret trying to get me to leave our holiday accommodation there a couple of weeks ago.

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Dad Dog After Day With The Pups

This video features a dad dog who has spent the whole day with his mrs and their pups.
If I believed in such things he’d be my spirit animal.

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Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Let Chicken the golden retriever turn your frown upside down by doing exactly that.
At least one guaranteed smile per 10 second viewing.