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Why Is “Sic ‘em” Used As A Command For Dogs To Attack? (via Today I Found Out)

Another of life’s big questions: where did the practice of using the phrase “sic ‘em” to command dogs to attack come from?
No mention of where the succinct Australian variation “skitch” come from though.

The phrase seems based in older language usage, but how do these sorts of things find themselves in popular usage:

“Sick,” in this context, had nothing to do with the word meaning “ill,” but rather was simply a dialectal variant of “seek,” which used to sometimes carry the connotation of seeking with the intent to attack. (This sense of the word “seek” was used as far back as around AD 1000 in the work, Beowulf.)

Read more about it at Today I Found Out.

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Black And White Photo Day 6

Sixth of seven days of black and white photos.

No explanations.

None needed.

No nominations.

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Dog Doesn’t Want To Leave Park

This video of a dog refusing to leave a Gold Coast park may bear a passing resemblance to Margaret trying to get me to leave our holiday accommodation there a couple of weeks ago.

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Dad Dog After Day With The Pups

This video features a dad dog who has spent the whole day with his mrs and their pups.
If I believed in such things he’d be my spirit animal.

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Three Minutes Of Labrador Fun

For Labrador fans or people who just need three minutes of amusement.

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Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Let Chicken the golden retriever turn your frown upside down by doing exactly that.
At least one guaranteed smile per 10 second viewing.

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Corgis Pulling Another Corgi In A Sled

One of my daughters will love this video so much she may have already seen it.
But she’d probably watch it again anyway.
Two corgis pulling their sibling around in a sled.
Which they do about as well as you’d expect corgis might.