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Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 20

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 20

Q. What do you believe concerning the “Holy Spirit”?
A. First, that, with the Father and the Son, he is equally eternal God; second, that God’s Spirit is also given to me, preparing me through a true faith to share in Christ and all his benefits, that he comforts me and will abide with me forever.

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Bad News For Pretend Religion (preparing for MGPC 20/5/18)

Song: Made Alive
Call to Worship
Song: Jerusalem
Prayer Of Confession
Song: Spirit Of God, Unseen As The Wind
Affirming our Faith: Westminster Shorter Catechism Q26
Song: Now To Him Who Loved Us
Bible Reading: 1 Timothy 5 – Further admonitions to Timothy regarding his ministry, particularly touching widows, elders, and slaves.
Bible Memorisation: Proverbs 19:20-21
Song: Come Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire
Bible Reading: 1 Kings 14:1-20
Sermon: Bad News For Pretend Religion
Song: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: This Is Amazing Grace

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On Needing Resurrection Power To Endure Suffering

In John 13 Jesus tells Peter “Where I am going you cannot follow me now, but you will follow afterward.”
Jesus is speaking of his death on the cross and the resurrection life that will be shared as a result.
Peter will learn that his own suffering would consume him without resurrection life within him.

Paul speaks of this in Philippians 3 when he writes in verse 10 “that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death”.
Jesus suffers, and is resurrected.
Because of his suffering and resurrection, for Jesus’ disciples the order is reversed.
We know the power of his resurrection, and because of that we are able to endure the sufferings that follow.

We could not endure going where he went, until he had first gone there alone.
Having gone and triumphed, we can now go there in his power.

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Refreshing The Saints (via Gentle Reformation)

Kyle Borg poses a question based on reflection about Philemon verse 7: “For I have derived much joy and comfort from your love, my brother, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you” (emphasis added).

What am I to my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus? Do I refresh or weary them? Do I give rest or restlessness? Am I a comfort or an anxiety? Do I encourage confidence or are people walking on egg shells around me? Am I blessing to those I am bound to in the gospel or a burden? Are the hearts of the saints being refreshed through me?

Read more at Gentle Reformation.

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Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 19

Heidelberg Catechism – Lord’s Day 19

Q. Why is there added: “And sits at the right hand of God”?
A. Because Christ ascended into heaven so that he might manifest himself there as the Head of his Church, through whom the Father governs all things.

Q. What benefit do we receive from this glory of Christ, our Head?
A. First, that through his Holy Spirit he pours out heavenly gifts upon us, his members. Second, that by his power he defends and supports us against all our enemies.

Q. What comfort does the return of Christ “to judge the living and the dead” give you?
A. That in all affliction and persecution I may await with head held high the very Judge from heave who has already submitted himself to the judgment of God for me and has removed all the curse from me; that he will cast all his enemies and mine into everlasting condemnation, but he shall take me, together with all his elect, to himself into heavenly joy and glory.

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A Menial Work, By Design (via David Powlison)

Although not central to the book’s theme, this tangental observation about pastoral life rings true:

…by design, ministry is menial work. It means being a servant, someone’s assistant, a helper. You are running errands. You lay down your life so that another person’s life might go better. Discontentment and complaining reveal pride, as if menial work were “beneath me.”

David Powlison, God’s Grace In Your Suffering, Crossway, 2018, pg. 41.

On to another day of service.

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Truth And Lies (preparing for MGPC 13/5/18)

Song: Good And Gracious King
Call to Worship
Song: Your Love Defends Me
Prayer Of Confession
Song: From All That Dwell Below The Skies
Affirming our Faith: Westminster Shorter Catechism Q26
Song: Worship, Honour, Glory, Blessing
Bible Reading: 1 Timothy 4
Admonitions to Timothy regarding his ministry
Bible Memorisation: proverbs 19:20-21
Song: Blessed Is The Man
Bible Reading: 1 Kings 13:11-34
Sermon: Truth And Lies
Lord’s Supper:
Song: When Peace Like A River
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: This Is Amazing Grace