I received an unsolicited letter from Inner Faith travel today.
It was addressed to ‘Minister Ware’.
Among the reasons I should consider purchasing a ticket on one of their guided tours of the ‘Holy Land’ was:
“Gary and Margaret, if you have ever had an inner yearning to visit the Holy Land, that may well have been the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Don’t ignore it!”
I have a prior inner yearning to own an iPad 2.
So that must be God’s will instead, mustn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Resist The Holy Spirit, Go On Our Tour

  1. Neil McDonald says:

    How many friends did you have to sign up to get the trip free?

    1. gjware says:

      That seems to be privileged information that’s only accessible after you’ve stumped up for your first tour.
      I guess it’s a tour full, whatever that is.

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