Here’s a promotional video for KFC’s ‘Mantime Month’.
The fantasy element is not two males wearing night vision goggles and playing table tennis in the dark while eating a fist-sized wad of chicken, bacon and cheese as a light snack.
The fantasy element is that the woman who interrupts the game by turning on the light is implied to be involved in a relationship with one of them.
Which actually passes fantasy and extends all the way to delusion.

(None of my commentary on this subject should be taken as an indication that I will not eat a KFC double, BTW)

One thought on “KFC’s ‘Mantime Month’ Fantasy Begins

  1. Daniel says:

    i found my inner man powers when trying this burger… so much so i actually emailed by review of this to my brother and her blogged it.
    while it will probably offend people that i ate 5 of these in 1 sitting, i think the manskewer concept i used to do it is definitely getting in touch with my inner caveman powers.. enjoy

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