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Home From GAA

After a QLD detour for standing committee meetings and family visits I am now home.

Ten days through five airports (including Melbourne airport in transit today) in four different states, suburban train rides in Sydney and Brisbane; car rides; a drive to Maryborough and back on Sunday (thanks Carolyn for the loan of the 86); a couple of ubers; maybe 5000 klms in total covered; hospitality where I always feel at home in two wonderful homes, six nights at a Novotel in Sydney; one four/five day GAA where I tried to be useful and six standing committee meetings on seven of those days; lodged a couple of administrative petitions with a neighboring state assembly that meets next month (thanks John Wilson), and had more encouraging conversations with friends, family and colleagues than I can count, and now I’m home.


I’m having a break.

Starting tomorrow.

I have some movies to watch.

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Base Of Operations

Checked into our accommodation in Sydney.

Heading from the city to Hurstville for breakfast tomorrow. Probably after my morning walk.

We’re over the road from the ABC headquarters.

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When Sermon Illustrations Come To Life…

So, I mentioned yesterday that God’s will is known to be certain only in hindsight and volunteered that I was traveling to Brisbane and I’d know it was God’s will that I go there when I arrived.

I took this photo of Rundle Mall on my morning walk today intending to contrast it with, perhaps, the Queen St Mall in Brisbane.

Instead, I’ll include this photo of Melbourne.

Our direct flight was cancelled and we’ve been transferred on a two-step flight with an arrival time five hours or so later than intended. We’ll go (hopefully, if it’s God’s will) directly from the airport to the opening service of assembly.

Such is the stuff sermon illustrations are made of.

By the way, this is why I travel qantas when I get the choice, replacement booking, food voucher, help in other ways. Their customer service is outstanding.

Anyway, later there’ll be photos from Brisbane.

I hope.

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New Shoes

I bought my old pair of exercise shoes on August 3 last year.

They’ve probably done over 3000kms of mostly walking. Mount Gambier, various gyms, Adelaide, Sydney, Maryborough/Hervey Bay, Gold Coast, Melbourne.

They’re wearing and my feet are feeling it. I’ve probably let these go a little too long.

Time for a new pair. And I was even able to get my preferred colour this time.

Off to the gym again tomorrow.

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Some Facts About June 4, 1963 That Make Me Feel Even Older

Here’s an excerpt of some facts about people born on June 4, 1963 that I found online.
I have no intention of trying to work out if they’re true.
The make me feel older.
Especially the dog years one.
There was a theory that this applied to people who were Presbyterian ministers in South Australia…

Anyway, here’s some of the facts.

Days since birth: 20,454 days
Days spent sleeping: 6,818 days
Years spent sleeping: 18.67 years
Part of life spent sleeping: 33%
Full moons since birth: 693
Next full moon: June 17 at 08:32:00 GMT – Monday
First one billion seconds: Sometime on February 10, 1995
Age in dog years: 267 dog years old using a Chinese Shar-Pei breed