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Blue Skies

My coat is off.

It really is a Sunshine State.

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Kitchenaid KSM170

This has been a decade or so in the planning, and with the demise of its predecessor a Storm Black KSM170 Kitchenaid mixer has joined the household.

I won’t get to use it for a while though, because I’m back on the road tomorrow morning for a week.

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Shared Lunch

You know I’ve been a bit restrained for the last twelve months.

If I break out, it’s for something worthwhile.

And with someone special. (Rachel, not Margaret, if you’re wondering, though)

Big Boy BBQ, Melbourne. Recommended.

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Hotel Amenities

I just had to start a bit later after the opening crowd went off to get ready for work.

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This Week’s Base Of Operations

A few days of rest and recreation.

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It’d Be Nice

If I could go a day or a week without experiencing that vice-like grip on my chest that flows from feeling like a failed human being.

Just for a while.

I’m sure it would be nice.

I just can’t quite remember what it’s like.

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Hammer Time

My sons gave me Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) for my birthday.

Thankyou Peter and Robert (and Georgia and Madi)

It lights up and makes noises.

And is finely accompanied by the Thor mug I also received from my friends the Fox’s.