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Seeing Less Of Me

An ongoing project over the last three or four months.

Not sure about the final destination, but a few replacements have proved necessary.

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This Pretty Much Sums Me Up At The Moment

A friend sent me this song today.
It’s called Worn.
This is pretty much me right now.
Completely hopeful and completely had-it.
All at once.

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Looking Forward To Saturday Night

Okay, since January 1 is a Sunday, I won’t be staying up till midnight on Saturday to see the New Year in.
My daughters point out that I didn’t stay up till midnight last year either. But I didn’t have a reason to go to bed before midnight. I was just lame.
This year I have a reason. So I’m not lame. I’ll party like it’s not yet 9.45.
I’ll deal with 2017 next year.

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An Awkward Question

The hobby-less pastor.
I don’t usually enjoy answering this question either:

“What are you hobbies?”
Now, you have to understand that at that time, I had just come off an eight-year educational bender. Between working and studying, I didn’t have much hobby time. I fumbled around for an answer and said with confident uncertainty, “Reading.”
My friend responded, “Well, what do you like to do for fun?” Honestly, I didn’t know.

Read the whole article here.

Another reason I don’t like holidays. Or leave.

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Fuller Sense Of Place – 2016

One thing about thinking of thirteen years is that it helps put the previous thirteen days, thirteen weeks or even thirteen months into perspective.
All you can do is say thanks to God for his love and for the love of his people.
As someone who never really had a sense of home I don’t think anything else will come closer in this life to the sense of place I have here, no matter what the future might hold.