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Great Wall Of Copier

The only thing it won’t do is create the content to get printed out.

Nice colour, too.

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This NBN Thing May Be Okay

The National Broadband Network turned up while I was away last week.

I’d have preferred a full fiber to home network, but fiber to the node is all we get for now.

Our plan is 25/5mbps.

It seems to be an improvement.

ADSL Speedtest

NBN Speedtest.

That makes a bit of a difference.

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Ten Quick Things To Improve A Church Website (via Communicate Jesus)

Communicate Jesus features ten website hacks.
One of them is maximising responsiveness on mobile devices.
I think websites need to have mobile, tablet and handheld devices in view as the primary methods by which their content will be accessed.

Review mobile responsiveness
As more and more people access websites from their phones and tablets, the need for a great mobile experience continues to increase. So how does your church website appear when it’s opened on a mobile phone? Or an iPad?

Read the whole post here.

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Alton Brown’s Industrial Size Easy-Bake Oven

Alton Brown is legendary.
Here’s evidence.
Inspired by the lightbulb powered children’s toy, the Easy-Bake oven, Alton constructed his own larger than life model that features enough light to be seen from space, and which can cook a pizza in under five minutes.

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My New Favourite Word: Anomaly 

I was out walking this morning and heard a radio report about the SpaceX Satellite explosion being described as an ‘anomaly’.
Apart from a talent for understatement, the spokesperson has given me a new favourite word to describe any disastrous outcome.
It’s an ‘anomaly’.
Read one report here.


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Always Point People To The Website (via Greg Atkinson)

A very helpful post on making the church website central to information provision and then continually encouraging people to make use of it.
Having a website that works on mobile devices is a must.
We’re moving toward getting our mobile web presence to function well.
Getting an email mailing list going is another priority.

Read Greg Atkinson’s post here.

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Why Did The Concorde Fail?

When I was growing up the Concorde seemed the stylish harbinger of air-travel’s future.
In an age when the progress of technology seems inexorable, here is one example of an industry that has retreated.
For the time being.
Why did it happen, and what lessons can be learnt?