Anyone who has spent time in a church will have heard reference made to the differing Greek words that are translated as ‘love’ in English Bibles.
Various sermons will have made their entire points about redemption or Christian living on observations about these loves, perhaps even if in some cases the different words used don’t carry all the freight that various differentiations might allow for.

Here’s an ad that featured in the Super Bowl for an insurance company called Love Takes Action and which references “The Ancient Greeks” as having “had four words for love. The most admirable is called agápē. Love as an action.”

Their expression of the motivation for that action is contained in the ad.
It’s a secular expression of agápē that declines to mention that the “Ancient Greek” usage of it seems to have been predominantly biblical, and because of that can’t really emphasise the undeserving objects that are present in biblical explanations, a dimension which deepens the wonder of its sacrificial nature.
That’s not a criticism, but it’s a point of contrast that stands out to me.

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