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Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Madness Corn Chip – The World’s Hottest Chip

Paqui’s Carolina Reaper Madness is billed as the world’s hottest chip.
They are marketed singly.
That’s right: one chip per serve.

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When God Gives You Way More Than You Can Handle (via Philip Ryken)

Philip Ryken takes issue with the oft heard Christian advice ‘God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.’

We Can’t Handle All of Life’s Trouble . . .
We will never be ready for all of the troubles that we face in life and I have to say that I disagree with the common slogan that you sometimes see on posters that goes something like this: “I know God’s not going to give me anything more than I can handle.” Actually, my experience is that a lot of times God gives me way more than I can handle—and I think that’s normal.
. . . but God Can.
One of the reasons that he gives us more than we can handle is because his grace proves sufficient in our weakness. So in one sense, we can never prepare for all of the troubles that we are going to face. But what does prepare us is healthy, normal, ordinary, daily Christian living: Spending time in God’s word everyday, being with the people of God for worship at least every week, turning to God in prayer daily in every circumstance that we face, and just being honest about the troubles that we’re having—honest with ourselves, honest with God, honest with other Christians about those troubles. We will grow in our capacity to face the struggles of life as we live healthy, ordinary, daily Christian life.

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All Creatures Of Our God And King by All Sons & Daughters – Sunday Songs

All Sons & Daughters sing All Creatures Of Our God And King in Assisi, which is pretty cool.

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Westminster Larger Catechism – Lord’s Day 39

Westminster Larger Catechism – Lord’s Day 39

Q & A 155
Q How is the Word made effectual to salvation?
A The Spirit of God makes the reading, but especially the preaching of the Word, an effectual means of enlightening, convincing, and humbling sinners; of driving them out of themselves, and drawing them unto Christ; of conforming them to his image, and subduing them to his will; of strengthening them against temptations and corruptions; of building them up in grace, and establishing their hearts in holiness and comfort through faith unto salvation.

Q & A 156
Q Is the Word of God to be read by all?
A Although all are not to be permitted to read the Word publicly to the congregation, yet all sorts of people are bound to read it apart by themselves, and with their families: to which end, the holy Scriptures are to be translated out of the original into vulgar languages.

Q & A 157
Q How is the Word of God to be read?
A The holy Scriptures are to be read with a high and reverent esteem of them; with a firm persuasion that they are the very Word of God, and that he only can enable us to understand them; with desire to know, believe, and obey the will of God revealed in them; with diligence, and attention to the matter and scope of them; with meditation, application, self-denial, and prayer.

Q & A 158
Q By whom is the Word of God to be preached?
A The Word of God is to be preached only by such as are sufficiently gifted, and also duly approved and called to that office.

Q & A 159
Q How is the Word of God to be preached by those that are called thereunto?
A They that are called to labor in the ministry of the Word, are to preach sound doctrine, diligently, in season and out of season; plainly, not in the enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit, and of power; faithfully, making known the whole counsel of God; wisely, applying themselves to the necessities and capacities of the hearers; zealously, with fervent love to God and the souls of his people; sincerely, aiming at his glory, and their conversion, edification, and salvation.

Q & A 160
Q What is required of those that hear the Word preached?
A It is required of those that hear the Word preached, that they attend upon it with diligence, preparation, and prayer; examine: What they hear by the Scriptures; receive the truth with faith, love, meekness, and readiness of mind, as the Word of God; meditate, and confer of it; hide it in their hearts, and bring forth the fruit of it in their lives.

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Mystery And Message (preparing for mgpc 25/9/16)

Songs of preparation: Who With God Most High Finds Shelter (Psalm 91) and Here Is Love.
Call to worship:
Praise: O, For A Thousand Tongues.
Corporate Prayer of Confession:
Song of assurance, confession of faith, doxology: : My Faith Looks Up To See; The Apostles’ Creed; Now To Him Who Loved Us.
Consecutive reading: 1 Corinthians 10 – The Apostle Paul’s concluding counsel regarding meat associated with pagan religious rituals: flee idolatry and seek the good of one’s neighbour and glory of God in all circumstances.
Bible Memorisation: Ephesians 3:8-9
Praise: Father We Come To You (Revive Us, O Lord).
Reading: Ephesians 3: 1 – 13
Sermon: Mystery And Message – Gary Ware. The circumstances of life pale when compared with the experience of God’s saving grace and the opportunity to display the good news of salvation in Jesus to others.
Pastoral prayer.
Tithes and offerings.
Departing praise: My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less (Cornerstone).

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Footy Tipping 2016 – NRL & AFL Preliminary Finals

So, all the results last weekend went to plan, even though that meant the Broncos got the rough end of the pineapple again.
Most interest this weekend in whether the Western Bulldogs can take a step forward to being their own Cinderella story.

NRL (last round 2/2; season tally 129/200)
North Queensland

AFL (last round 2/2; season tally 142/203)
Sydney (poor Geelong, cruelly denied a home final despite placing second in the home and away)
Western Bulldogs