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This Old Spice ad highlights differing parental perspectives on the growing up of their sons.
It doesn’t have to be confined to sons, though.
Maybe I over-identify with the dads in this about my kids growing up.
Especially today, when my eldest daughter turns 28, having moved into her own home earlier this year.
They all make me feel so proud.

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Another Christmas Gift Idea

I’m told this should totally be a Christmas gift for me.

This is another possibility, I think.

They’re both featured at this post.
Apparently I’m impossible to buy gifts for. (Seems everything I want, I’ve already got)

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Fighting The Awe War

Paul Tripp takes five minutes to explain that humans are hard-wired for awe, that we should live in awe of God not in awe of anything else, and how those who are meant to lead the ongoing battle for our awe to be of God can lose their own awe of Him.

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Paleo Pumpkin Pie

This year’s version is paleo, using a nut based crust and coconut sugar and maple syrup as sweeteners in the filling.
Gluten free, dairy free and tastes pretty good, I think.


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Speaking The Truth In Love by David Powlison – Kindle Edition Free At Amazon For Limited Time

Some of you will want a copy of David Powlison’s Speaking The Truth In Love.
Kindle edition currently free for a couple of days at Amazon.
Thanks Gospel eBooks.

The blurb:

Speaking-Truth-In-Love-198x300You probably speak 20,000 words a day, give or take, and each one influences those who listen. No wonder God has so much to say about our words. We are all counselors, whether we realize it or not!
Speaking Truth in Love is a blueprint for communication that strengthens community in Christ. The principles outlined in this pivotal work are specific to counseling, yet extend to marriage, family, friendship, business, and the church.
Have you ever wondered how to be a more effective counselor?
Have you ever looked for a better way to talk to difficult people?
Have you ever wanted to express faith and love more naturally in your relationships?
Practical in its approach yet comprehensive in its scope, Speaking Truth in Love is sure to become required reading for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a counselor or anyone else who longs for ways to redeem relationships.

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Pie Eating Season

I’m thinking about making pumpkin pie this week.
Paleo pumpkin pie.
I had a filling that was okay (coconut cream, maple syrup), and I’ve found a nut based crust that looks interesting.

Anyway, this pie-chart infographic sums it all up.


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Interrupting Sheep Knock-Knock Joke. Literally.

I was taken aback that Peter didn’t know the interrupting sheep knock-knock joke.
Fortunately I was able to show him this father-daughter-sheep literal version to set him straight.