The Adelaide Oval Scoreboard

It’s hard to know why an event grips public consciousness.
Phillip Hughes, a professional cricketer died today of an injury sustained during a game.
Search the internet and you’ll find countless articles reporting the story.
One young man of undoubted talent who continued to strive to establish himself at the highest level of his sport.
A life’s ambition not completely realised, a talent and skill not fully developed.
There was something in the straightforward way in which he was seeking to overcome the various setbacks which his career encountered that endeared him many inside and outside the sport.
In cricket when a batsman is not dismissed before the close of the innings their score is denoted as ‘not out’.
Hughes’ incomplete final innings will be recorded as ‘retired hurt’, another way of indicating a turn at bat which was not completed, a marker to a career halted by interruption not by choice.
On a day when I celebrated the 28th birthday of my first-born, the death of a man who was three days short of his 26th birthday strikes a strange resonance.
Parents and siblings in loss, friends and comrades in sport, fans and the public all express loss.
Remembering life is precious, and there are times when words should be few, it is a good time to recall that we should number our days, not to jealously hoard them, but to make sure that each is lived to its fullest.

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