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Early Father’s Day In A Snap

It was inevitable that my kids would figure out a wonderful early Father’s Day present.

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Practically Perfect In Every Way

My daughter Christine holding her Mary Poppins POP figurine birthday present. Someone who’s practically perfect in every way, holding a POP figure.

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Cool Young People Becoming Parents

It’s so much fun watching cool young people becoming parents.
People movers and fun nights in eating ice-cream in secret.
You know life has changed when your main desires in a car are seats that maximise the distance between the kids and lots of cup holders.

This is truly, truly awful. You’ve been warned.

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How To Be A Kiwi Dad

My son-in-law is a kiwi raising kids in Australia.
I’m pretty sure he’s taught our grandkids more than a few of these.

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Roar With Miss Ware And 3W

My daughter’s school concert was tonight.
They warned us about putting other people’s kids on social media, but this is just her with 3W providing backing vocals on Roar.
As you can hear they rocked it.
I heard the other kids did their dance okay too, but I never looked at them.

This was the best quality video I could upload tonight.

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O You Terror

Parents, view this.
Let the hearers understand.
This must have done the rounds last year, but I missed it.

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Survivors Of Dad Jokes

All of my kids qualify will identify with this public service video about the consequences of dad jokes.