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How To Stroke A Cat, According To Science (via The Conversation)

For those of you for whom rubbing your cat up the right way is important.
(Not for those perverse folk who want to keep rubbing cats the wrong way)

Cats are inherently antisocial, people are inherently social, so when the two cohabit there’s going to be some give and take.

Read all about it at The Conversation.

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Training Cats (via Fake Science)

This observation about training cats from Fake Science may have some parallels in pastoral ministry.

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Waiting Until The Coast Is Clear

Portrait of household cat (Smidge) asking if school-holiday visitor has gone home yet.

She spent a leisurely day under our bed.

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Cat Care Videos

Apparently there will be a new cat at our house when we get home.
Here are two videos related to cat care.
The first features Simon’s Cat in 9 Essentials For A Happy Cat.

The second features a vet on the type of names and vocal inflections that are helpful for getting your cat to pay attention to you.

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Your Brain On Cats (via Inverse Health)

Well, normal brains on cats, anyway.
A phd neuroscience candidate and (budding cat-lady) explains the effects that kittens have on human brains.
Seems as if cats have basically turned themselves into a drug.