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Gary The Adventure Cat

I could try to claim Gary the adventure cat as my spirit animal, but you all know he loves the outdoors a lot more than I do.

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Cinderblock – Spirit Animal Of The Exercising World

I’ll be back on the treadmill at the gym tomorrow morning.
Some friendly person cheerfully inquired as to whether I slept in today because it was 5.05 and not 4.55 when I arrived.
Anyway, at various points I’ll be thinking of Cinderblock, the latest internet celebrity cat who was surrendered to a vet by her infirm owner because she was too much to care for because of her weight.
Rather than putting her down, the vet decided to put the cat on a health kick.
The clips on YouTube may make you briefly wonder which option Cinderblock may prefer at different times.
But it’s a generally heart-warming story, and congrats to Purina for helping out.

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Melbourne Cat Café

Today my daughter and I spent an hour or so at the Cat Café in Melbourne’s CBD.
Hidden away in Guildford Lane, it has two stories of cats roaming as they like.
It’s a charming place. Caringly run, the feline residents (all re-homed from refuge situations) are well cared for and unstressed by the 18 or so strangers who visit each hour.
Drinks and snacks are basic, but you’re there for the cats.
Fellow visitors ran the range from a couple very, very emotional cat enthusiasts to one younger lady who had never petted a cat before.
My daughter commented there wouldn’t be any need to visit a cat café in our home town because we already have a cat.
But when you’re away from home and miss some feline company it hits the spot.

How many cats? (And thinking of the one special cat at home)

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We’re Gonna Have A Cat (Café) Party

Maybe I knew Melbourne had a Cat Café.
Maybe I didn’t.
Anyway, daughter and I are visiting tomorrow.
Apparently someone will have trouble sleeping tonight.
(And it won’t be me.)

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How To Stroke A Cat, According To Science (via The Conversation)

For those of you for whom rubbing your cat up the right way is important.
(Not for those perverse folk who want to keep rubbing cats the wrong way)

Cats are inherently antisocial, people are inherently social, so when the two cohabit there’s going to be some give and take.

Read all about it at The Conversation.

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Training Cats (via Fake Science)

This observation about training cats from Fake Science may have some parallels in pastoral ministry.