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Songs From The Book Of Ephesians – The Journey Collective’s New Album Of Congregational Songs

a4040155503_2The Journey Collective describe themselves and their new album Songs From The Book Of Ephesians as “a diverse community of artists, unified to create music resources that teach doctrine, shape people’s view of God, wash them in the Gospel, and equip them with a vocabulary to worship God. It is our hope that this project will aid the church in engaging with the rich content found in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, and that these songs will help the listener to discover and celebrate the beauty and truth found in these Scriptures.”
From the five congregations of The Journey Church in St. Louis, this collection has some diverse and engaging sounds, but manages a greater sense of cohesion that a lot of other collective sourced, theme-based albums I’ve heard.
It’s available on iTunes or a bargain on bandcamp.

For your listening pleasure.

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The Pain Every Church Should Want And Pray For (via Tim Chester)

Growing pains.
I see many churches that are bemused by the fact that they’re pretty much dead, and generally all of them see no relationship between their conscious refusal to grow and their current situation.
It’s a complete mystery to them how they’ve ended up this way.
Usually you’re where you are because that’s the direction you’ve been going.

A three post series by Tim Chester on growing pains, the best sort of pain a church can have.
Like every pain, though, it’s a sign that a situation needs attention.
Part One: Growing pains – The source of the problem
Part Two: Growing pains – The danger
Part Three: Growing pains – The solution

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David Cook At St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, UK

Australian Presbyterian readers (among others) may be interested in this post from the St. Helen’s Bishopsgate blog, which features details of (PCA Moderator-General) David Cook’s participation in their A Passion For Life guest events over February, March and April.
The program itself is rich and varied in the events which are being conducted as gateways to introduce people to Jesus.
Lots of good ideas. It’d be a toss-up between the wine tasting or the pub quiz for me.

St. Helen’s requests that prayer “for David Cook as he prepares to give evangelistic talks in the City. Pray that he would communicate the gospel clearly. Pray that many attend the upcoming A Passion for Life guest events.”

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How Wolves Change Rivers

This is an interesting video detailing the difference that the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, after an absence of 70 years.
The scope of the changes to fauna, flora and physical geography is profound.
The speed with which the changes to the ecosystem take place is amazing.

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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

My son Peter hadn’t heard of Rocket Racoon.
I can’t believe it.
I showed him this image. (Which hurts, because I’m a DC, not a Marvel, but it’s completely true.)
And he said ‘What racoon?’
So I had to play this trailer.

Now, I could go on to explain how these aren’t Marvel’s original Guardians Of The Galaxy, but another group of disparate second tier characters who have been warehoused under the title, but don’t get me started.
(nor do they have anything to do with DC’s Green Lantern, but there I go again)

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What Eleven Popular Zoo Animals Taste Like (via Mental Floss)

None of these will clarify my Monday lunch menu confusion.
This article from Mental Floss compiles a variety of sources to provide tasting notes on eleven different non-traditional forms of meat. (Some presently endangered and illegal to kill.)
So if you’ve ever wondered what elephant, giraffe, penguin, galapagos tortoise, lion, python, camel, gorilla, hippopotamus, peacock, sloth, (and even panda) taste like, now’s your chance. (I don’t think anyone says ‘like chicken’)
Remember, no animals were consumed expressly for this article.

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A Testimony From The Man Who Invented Basketball’s ‘Jump-Shot’

Kenny Sailors is a ninety-one year old man who is credited with introducing the jump-shot into the sport of basketball.
In this video he speaks about sport, about life, and about his relationship with Jesus.