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The Biggest Story ABC Book from Kevin DeYoung and Don Clark

The Biggest Story ABC Book is an adaption by Kevin DeYoung and Don Clark of their children’s book, The Biggest Story.
Crossway have constructed an infographic of the whole book.
Looks good.

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Luggage Packing Infographic

I’ve nearly spent a week away from home without laundering facilities and needing to bring bedding.
A monster suitcase has been my home away from home. I’ve never been a light packer.
Here’s an infographic from designtaxi with some tips I might try in future.


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Every Musical Instrument

This poster features a lot of musical instruments (540).
You could buy one here.
Click on the image to see it larger.
ht: mental floss.

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Most Prevalent Obituary Euphemisms For Death In USA States (via Mental Floss)

I found the variety of terms in this infographic interesting.
In Australia I think ‘passed away’ might be most used.
From Mental Floss.

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Australia’s Ten Most Dangerous Animals

This infographic from Lifehacker Australia was posted on Mental Floss.
And it doesn’t even mention dropbears.
Let’s be careful out there, people.


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The Common Themes Of Pixar Movies (via Vox)

This infographic from Vox illustrates the common themes in Pixar movies, and helps explain why they resonate with their all-age audiences.
It also demonstrates what makes for good fiction.