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The Pastor As Curator (via Daniel Darling)

I’ve been happy about not having the maintenance of an aged/decaying/historic building as part of my job description at MGPC.
So I’ve not thought of myself as a curator, someone occupied with the past.
Daniel Darling points out that there is an aspect of a pastor’s role that involves some level of curation.
We serve as conduits and gatekeepers with regard to resources and teaching for our congregation.
Even in this internet search engine driven age, pastors have the privilege of spending our time discovering and weighing up various resources.
And the trust we have means our recommendations carry weight. A teacher we value is unknown to most. It’s my recommendation of them that carries weight.
My former colleague Ian Touzel excelled at this.

From Daniel Darling:

This is a part of ministry that isn’t often mentioned in Bible college, one that I was never taught: the task of filtering and curating reliable, helpful resources for the people of God.
This early ministry experience was a fresh reminder of the gap that can exist between pulpit and pew, leadership and laity. Church leaders often live in a rarified Christian bubble; it can be easy to assume that everyone else is aware of pieces of Christian thought and culture that are just not on their radar. This is why leaders need to be proactive about leaving those bubbles and getting into the lives of their people to learn the conversations they’re a part of—and, when appropriate, invite them to participate in new ones.
In many ways, pastors and other church leaders act as gatekeepers. Church members assume their leaders are filtering out the very best kind of Christian resources and regularly making those things available. Of course, Christian content can be found in a variety of sources outside the church walls: Christian radio, the Internet, bookstores. But for the most part, church members are busy living their lives—busy with kids, careers, and finances. They depend on pastors, elders, deacons, and other mentors to be curators, to sort through the stacks of Christian content, choosing good resources and discouraging resources that confuse or distort the truth.

Read the rest of the article here.

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My Daughters Agree This Is A True Thing

Three out of three.
My youngest daughter’s silence in particular speaks volumes.

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The Gospel Coalition Australia Website Now Online

11150183_963581983665497_1577576391101532645_nThe Gospel Coalition Australia‘s website is online.
There’s been an effort to launch with a reasonable amount of content already available, so it remains to be seen what sort of ongoing frequency new material is published. I’d expect pretty much daily from the panel of contributors listed, but we’ll see.
Some of the contributors I know from their own online presences, but most look like newbies.
Whereas the US version of the Coalition adopted a number of existing blogs that doesn’t seem to be the case at its OZ counterpart.
One main difference is that there are no evangelical rockstars or celebrities in the GCOZ.
I think that what’s written will be more reflective of, and applicable to, life in small to medium size churches facing the challenge of sharing the good news about Jesus in a secular land.

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A Gospel Coalition Australia Update

A brief article by Peter Adam about progress toward the establishment of The Gospel Coalition Australia, including detail of the official launch in Brisbane during July 2015.

Everyone committed to gospel ministry in Australia must be encouraged by the energy for Christian ministry found in good expository preaching and in many strong churches, theological and Bible colleges, Christian publishers, and church planting networks.
Our aim is to faciliate more gospel cohesion in Australia and try to overcome the tyrannies of distance, competition, and tribalism so that people from different churches, states, and ministries are better able to encourage and support each other.
Read the rest of the post here.

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Free Resources From Ligonier Ministries To Mark Reformation Day 2014

Ligonier Ministries are making a number of resources available free to mark Reformation Day 2014.
Go and have a look.

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Worship Leader’s ‘Top Worship Songs Of 2013’ List

I haven’t heard most of these, but this list gives you some idea of what people are singing, courtesy of Worship Leader Online.
Absent are Getty, Townend, EMU Australia, Sovereign Grace, or other stuff I like.
These are from 2013 releases.
At the page there are embeds for listening.

  1. “Crown Him (Majesty)”
    Burning Lights | Chris Tomlin
    Writers: Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher, ED Cash, George Job Elvey, Godfrey Thring, Matthew Bridges

  2. “Withholding Nothing”
    Withholding Nothing | William McDowell
    Writer: William McDowell

  3. “The Anthem”
    Limitless | Planetshakers
    Writers: Henry Seeley, Joth Hunt, Liz Webber

  4. “Captured”
    Evening : Morning | The Digital Age
    Writers: Jack Parker, Jeremy Bush, Mark Waldrop, Mike Dodson

  5. “Alive”
    We Are Young & Free | Young & Free
    Writers: Aodhan King, Alexander Pappas

  6. “The Rock Won’t Move”
    The Rock Won’t Move | Vertical Church
    Writers: Tyler Miller, Jacob Sooter, Kyle Fredricks, Landon MacDonald

  7. “When You Walk Into the Room”
    Kingdom Come | Bryan & Katie Torwalt
    Writers: Bryan Torwalt, Katie Torwalt

  8. “Revival”
    Revival | Soulfire Revolution
    Writers: Soulfire Revolution

  9. “Victor’s Crown”
    Revealing Jesus | Darlene Zschech
    Writers: Israel Houghton, Kari Jobe, Darlene Zschech

  10. “Open Up Our Eyes”
    Nothing Is Wasted | Elevation Worship
    Writers: ChrisBrown, London Gatch, Mack Brock, Stuart Garrard, Wade Joye

  11. “Forever”
    Tides | Bethel Music
    Writers: Brian Johnson, Kari Jobe, Jenn Johnson, Gabriel Wilson, Joel Taylor, Christa Black Gifford

  12. “Man of Sorrows”
    Glorious Ruins | Hillsong Live
    Writers: BrookeLigertwood, Matt Crocker

  13. “The Cross Stands”
    Let It Be Known | Worship Central
    Writers: Ben Cantelon, Matt Redman, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes

  14. “Praise the Invisible”
    The Invisible | Daniel Bashta
    Writer: Daniel Bashta

  15. “This Is Amazing Grace”
    The Ascension | Phil Wickham
    Writers: Jeremy Riddle, Josh Farro, Phil Wickham

  16. “Great Are You Lord”
    Live | All Sons & Daughters
    Writers: David Leonard, Jason Ingram, Leslie Jordan

  17. “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)”
    Burning Lights | Chris Tomlin
    Writers: Chris Tomlin, Scott Cash, Ed Cash

  18. “Your Grace Finds Me”
    Your Grace Finds Me | Matt Redman
    Writers: Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman

  19. “Lord I Need You”
    All the People Said Amen | Matt Maher
    Writers: Christy Nockels, Daniel Carson, Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Maher

  20. “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”
    Zion | Hillsong United
    Writers: Joel Houston, Matt Crocker, Salomon Lighthelm

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Songlists From WorshipGod 14 Conference (via Bob Kauflin)

I like posts that feature song lists from various Christian conferences.
They provide an opportunity to see what is being sung, and what combinations are being used.
Bob Kauflin has posted the songs used at the WorshipGod 14 conference, with links to various sources.
Here’s one day’s listing.
Praise God
There is One Reason
Our Only Hope is You
Man of Sorrows
My Redeemer’s Love
Here is Love
Behold Our God
See them all here.