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Football Tips – NRL Finals Week 3 / AFL Grand Final 2013

Well, well, well.
Only one upset last week, though two of the other results were very, very, tight.

NRL (last round 1/2; season tally 127/194)

AFL (last round 2/2; season tally 146/204)
Fremantle (Good defence, strong midfield, expect players from both sides to be serving suspensions during early rounds next year. It’ll be a hard game.)

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Jesus Is Not Your Debt-Consolidation Manager

Perhaps you’ve seen the ads on TV.
Got too many loans?
We’ll help you get one big loan that will have a lower total repayment than what you’ve got now because you’ll now be paying it off for the next few decades.

What if we think of Jesus like that?
We have a debt because of sin.
Jesus becomes our sin consolidation manager.
He’s got our debt under control, so we can get on with life.

What he’s paid for, he owns.
And he paid for you.
That has to show here and now.

Owen Strachan expands on this theme at Desiring God.
An excerpt.

Even after we come to faith and our sin debt is fully and gloriously paid, we still have to attack sin. We still have to wake up every morning and fight it. We’re not in the red; we’re in the black. But we can’t be lax. We can’t live lazily, putting our sins into new file folders. There’s no part of a Spirit-indwelt Christian that approaches sin as if it’s here to stay. We can’t abide our defensiveness, our proud responses to the tentative suggestion that we might have hurt a friend by careless words. We don’t carve out space in our hearts for lust, soothing ourselves by telling us that since sexual desire is “natural,” it’s okay for us to be careless with our eyes. After conviction of sin by the Spirit, we won’t keep hanging out with friends who drag us down spiritually, convincing ourselves that we’re around them to minister to them.

Read the whole post here.


I Am Mountain by Gungor

I’ve been listening to this song (along with the other cuts on the album) today.
As an album track I Am Mountain is at once a single song, and also part of an overall concept.
Some of the imagery in the lyrics is compelling about the spiritual reality which is innately joined to our physical beings.
Michael and Lisa Gungor share the lead vocals effortlessly.
There are some very different sounding songs on the album too.
Spaghetti Western guitar riffs and autotune vocals, among others, feature on various tracks.

(Michael Gungor / Lisa Gungor)

I am mountain, I am dust
Constellations made of us
There’s glory in the dirt
A universe within the sand
Eternity within a man

We are ocean, we are mist
Brilliant fools who wound and kiss
There’s beauty in the dirt
Wandering in skin and soul
Searching, longing for a home

As the light, light
Lights up the skies, up the skies
We will fight, fight
Fight for our lives, for our lives

I am mountain, I am dust
Constellations made of us
There’s mystery in the dirt
The metaphors are breaking down
We taste the wind and sight is sound

As the light, light
Lights up the skies, up the skies
We will fight, fight
Fight for our lives, for our lives

Momentary carbon stories
From the ashes
Filled with holy ghost
Life is here now
Breathe it all in
Let it all go
You are earth and wind

© 2013 Hither & Yon Music / ASCAP
Admin by Clearbox Rights

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Read A Sample Chapter From Dale Ralph Davis’ New Book Of Sermons From Jeremiah (via EP Books Blog)

Evangelical Press’ EP Books Blog is currently featuring a sample chapter from Dale Ralph Davis’ new book True Words For Tough Times.
There is no better contemporary preacher of Old Testament than Davis.
The chapters are five sermons preached from the book of Jeremiah at the Aberystwyth Conference in 2010.
The excerpt features the introduction and all of the first chapter.
As usual, Davis’ insightful exegesis, colourful illustrations and plain application abound.
So, treat yourself to a brief trip to the age of Jeremiah and then return to your own time refreshed in the timeless purposes of God’s Word.
Go to the page here.
The link to the pdf file of the sample is here.

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Hymn Singing With Seniors At Boandik Lodge

As part of Seniors Month in Mount Gambier, Boandik Lodge on Lake Terrace hosts a Songs Of Praise gathering.
Through a couple of friendships I’ve been leading the singing for a few years now.

This afternoon we sang our way through:
To God Be The Glory
Now Thank We All Our God
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
When Peace Like A River (It Is Well With My Soul)
The Old Rugged Cross
Sweet Bye And Bye
O God Our Help In Ages Past
Amazing Grace
Jesus Loves Me
Blessed Assurance

In addition, I gave the folks a few breaks singing a some songs as solos:
There Is Sunshine In My Heart Today
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
I Serve A Risen Saviour (He Lives)
Love Lifted Me

As we sang Jesus Loves Me and Amazing Grace we thought of a couple of departed friends whose singing voices now are far stronger than when they were last here with us.
We look forward to hearing their voices and joining their song in the age to come.

And for our voices not to need the rest that mine does tonight.

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Giving Thanks For Generations Of Grace

This morning’s talk among the pastors of Mount Gambier revolved around those who had prayed for our conversions and those who had been models of Godliness for us as we grew in our Christian lives.
Our different stories revealed the same grace mediated through a great diversity of relationships and circumstances.
God is pleased to work through human interactions to bring us into His family, and to nurture us when we are there.
It also showed that sometimes those who nurtured us finished consistently, and other times they stumbled and resumed the race, while others fell and did not end well.
Which causes us to recall that our loved ones and friends may be the means by which we are called and discipled into the kingdom, but our real Saviour and role model is Jesus.

As we prayed to give thanks to God for His love and for these people, we also were moved to give thanks for those in prior generations who prayed for, witnessed to, and modelled the Christian life for our heroes.
This great flow of grace rolls down generations, and we are the current recipients of it.
We are also called to continue that witness to the generations that follow us.
We are also called to live in a way that will not discourage those who follow from living for Christ.
The work of generations comes to us, but does not end with us.
It continues on.
And for that we prayed with thanksgiving, and for the grace and strength needed to pass on what we have received.


More Than You Think by The Ember Days – Free Album Download

TED300The Ember Days‘ album More Than You Think was recommended on a recent post at Cardiphonia blog that featured a collection of ambient/folk/indie rock albums.
A quintet from New Zealand, The Ember Days feature soaring (female) lead vocals and instruments (which are a bit more electric than my usual recommendations).
Their Noisetrade page says they should appeal to fans of Sigur Ros, Coldplay, and Explosions In The Sky. (Which doesn’t mean a lot to me, frankly). My daughter says the singer sounds like Taylor Swift, in a good way. I think they sound okay.
You can download More Than You Think free from links at their website or at their Noisetrade page. Either have the potential for you to leave a payment if you wish.
Have a listen and see what you think.