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Hymns & Friends – Wendell Kimbrough’s New Album

Wendell Kimbrough’ Hymns & Friends is available for preorder or immediate download at Bandcamp.
Here are his notes on the album:

a1341802983_2This project is a celebration of songs that transcend generations. I learned many of them while growing up in a small church in the rural South, where the congregation was comprised mostly of dear brothers and sisters in the later stages of life. The creation of these recordings, however, grew out of the years I spent leading music at an Anglican church plant in urban Washington, DC. I have heard 20-something young professionals and retired grandparents sing these songs with equal love and enthusiasm.
The hymns on this album also transcend musical styles. Their basic components—text, melody, and harmony—are so well built that they can be led by choirs and pipe organs or by guitars, bass, and drums. When sung in the Spirit’s power, they can shake the walls of cathedrals or bring a living room full of people to a foot-stomping crescendo.
Added to this collection of great hymns, you will find two songs I co-wrote with my friend Bruce Benedict. Think of these as understudies—humble little songs that are shadowing and striving to learn from some of the best congregational pieces ever written.

You can see the track listing and hear the music in this player.

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Lent To Maundy Thursday – Page CXVI’s New EP

Lent To Maundy Thursday is Page CXVI’s second seasonal EP being produced as a result of a successful indiegogo campaign.
Seven tracks: some classics, some retuned and some original.
Thematically taking us from wilderness to the cross.
Reflective in tone.
It demands all year listening.
Available at their site or iTunes.
Additional resources available at

And here’s the sound cloud embed.

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As Sure As The Sun by Ellie Holcomb – New Album Available Now

ellieI was a kickstarter backer of Ellie Holcomb’s As Sure As The Sun.
The album is an eleven track collection of songs which reflect a variety of Scriptural themes.
Although it’s Ellie’s first full length solo album, all the experience of her past EPs and work with Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors is demonstrated on an assured and varied recording.
Have a listen.
You can purchase it from a variety of online retailers, but I always recommend bandcamp.

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Without Our Aid & The Glad Sound – Zac Hicks’ Two Great Albums Of Worship Songs Available Free At Noisetrade

To mark the impending release of a new EP Zac Hicks has made his two prior albums, Without Our Aid and The Glad Song available free for download from Noisetrade for the next two weeks.
When I first heard these, especially Without Our Aid, I described it as “Sort of like Hillsong, but with really great lyrics.”
At that time Zac kindly commented on my post, replying:
“Thanks for giving the album a listen and a fair shake. I appreciate your words. “Hillsong…with really great lyrics” is definitely what we were going for, so I’m glad it was apparent. It’s not for everyone. It’s not really intended to speak to a traditionalist crowd…hence some of the dismissive criticism we’ve received from those folks. There’s a very specific strategy: build bridges to the modern worship sector which needs fresh vision when it comes to the incorporation of biblical reflection, theology, history, and hymnody. In that sense, Without Our Aid is an “evangelistic” project to modern worship, hopefully sending a message that says, “There ARE ways to preserve the style and fervency of modern worship and yet engage tradition thoughtfully.”

At mgpc we use Sola in worship.
Various resource elements are available at Zac’s blog.
So, head over to Noisetrade and grab both albums for free, or leave a tip.
If they’re not your cup of tea, you probably know someone you can recommend them to.

Here’s an embed of Without Our Aid which links to Zac’s bandcamp page. (where you can purchase these for download after the two-week free offer at Noisetrade expires)

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Feed Your Soul by Christa Wells – Free Album Download At Noisetrade

a3786312802_2Do yourself a favour.
Go and download Christa Wells’ Feed Your Soul which is now available free at Noisetrade.
It is a beautiful collection of thoughtful and affecting lyrics delivered with deft vocals in a piano-driven indie-pop style.
I can listen to it over and over, and have been since purchasing my copy last year.
I don’t know whether this is permanent or for a limited time, so get in quick.

And if, by chance you do miss out, the download at bandcamp is a bargain price.
You can listen on this player, which can take you to the album page at bandcamp, but if you want to visit Noisetrade for the free version, click the Noisetrade links above.

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Parker’s Mercy Brigade – Kristen Gilles’ New Album Available For Preorder

a1767379212_2This album of songs for corporate worship promises something different from the usual:
“When Sojourn Music’s Kristen and Bobby Gilles suffered a stillbirth of their son Parker, God comforted them through his word, his spirit and his church. From this experience comes Parker’s Mercy Brigade, a collection of new worship songs to the Lord who gives and takes, and who works the giving and the taking for the good of those who love him.”

The album releases on April 1, but if you preorder at Bandcamp now you get two tracks straight away.
Having read the Gilles’ blog over the last couple of years I’m sure the album will be a very authentic and very faith encouraging set of songs.

Have a listen to the two pre-release tracks.

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Hiding Place – Matthew Smith’s New Album Available For Pre-Order

a0375493876_2Hiding Place is Matthew Smith’s follow-up to his fourth album Watch The Rising Day.
I posted about Watch The Rising Day back in 2010.
Hiding Place is now available for preorder at Matthew’s bandcamp store, with the added bonus of two tracks available now and a download code for his first album Even When My Heart Is Breaking.
Old hymn lyrics set to new folk-rock tunes.

Have a listen to these two.