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Demonym: A Word I Didn’t Know

For reasons not relevant to this post I was reading the wikipedia article on Brisbane, which noted, among other matters of interest, that the demonym, or preferred title, for a resident of Brisbane is a Brisbanite (preferred to the less popular Brisbanian).
I had never read or heard the word demonym before.
A person from Sydney is a Sydneysider; someone from Melbourne is a Melburnian (note the absence of the ‘o’); and a resident of Adelaide is an Adelaidian.
I think the local demonym is Mount Gambian in perference to Mount Gambierite.
If our town’s earlier name of ‘Gambierton’ had stuck we’d all have been Gambiertonites, which makes me think of ‘Chicken Tonight’ and everyone doing the Chicken Dance while singing ‘I am a Gambiertonite’, but now I’m rambling somewhat.
Anyhow, if you’re playing Scrabble and someone forms the word ‘demon’ and you’ve got a ‘y’ and an ‘m’, you know what to do.

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World Leader Photoshop Fail

Having hurriedly wiped the metaphical political blood off his metaphorical political knife, newly minted Australian Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swann has scooted over to represent Australia at the G20 and explain to a bemused world why the government dumped the economically and diplomatically very popular former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
This photo of a group of world leaders and Wayne Swann is on the Herald Sun website.
If they were going to photoshop an image of Swannie into an image of political dignitaries they at least could have picked an image where our deputy Prime Minister was looking in the same direction as everyone else. If they’d flipped the one they used it would have helped and probably only his wife and mother would have noticed.
This is a real picture?
And Swannie is just standing there with his eyes closed oblivious to where everyone else is looking?
Brings a lump to your throat doesn’t it?

(The guy in the front on the right looks like he’s been photoshopped in too.)

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Best World Cup Related Umpiring Controversy

Soccer is boring enough and needs more scoring as it is.
Why ignore it when a team actually does kick a goal?
It’s not like it happens so often that the umpires would be distracted.

Anyway, for those who want to view English agony (again and again) at their leisure.
The background song is an especially nice touch.

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Call Center Patience

On May 21 the internet search engine google posted a tribute to the video game Pac-Man on its home page. Google does this sort of thing all the time. I missed this one. Which was no bad thing.

Check out this YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. (You don’t need to spend more than a few seconds on this one, unless you’re particularly nostalgic or masochistic.)

The YouTube below is a recording from a Microsoft Call Center where a female computer user (who may be elderly) seeks assistance about what to do with her very annoying open web-browser window. I think the call center worker could consider a call to the pastorate. He seems to have the temperament for it. (All power to female computer users who may be elderly, too, by the way.) It goes for a few minutes, but if it was quick it wouldn’t demonstrate patience.

Thanks to Kat for this.

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Most Amazing New Phrase

You could search around the internet for the background to a controversy arising from discrepancies in the personal biographical details of Dr. Ergun Caner if you want.
What is most remarkable to me is that the committee charged with investigating Dr. Caner’s statements came to the conclusion that:

After a thorough and exhaustive review of Dr. Ergun Caner’s public statements, a committee consisting of four members of Liberty University’s Board of Trustees has concluded that Dr. Caner has made factual statements that are self-contradictory.

“factual statements that are self-contradictory”

That’s better than anything I heard last week during the Labor Party leadership change that saw Australia get a new Prime Minister.

HT: Justin Taylor.

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Describe The Wrong Things – via How To Write Badly Well

Carol encounters a bear.
This is relevant for preachers.
Do your Sermons focus on what the Bible text means?
Or are you teaching people material that is tangential (at best) to the text?
There is a place for exploring tangents.
It is a a Bible Study, not a pulpit.

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Dead Mackeral By Moonlight via Douglas Wilson

From Blog & Mablog:

The religiously self-righteous are, to use the great words of John Randolph, like a dead mackerel on the beach in the moonlight. They simultaneously ‘shine and stink.’ What religious men esteem is not what God esteems. Our prayers need to be prayed for. Our tears need washing. Our repentance needs to be repented of.

(Joy at the End of the Tether, p 80).