Jared Hood, lecturer and librarian at the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne, left a comment here yesterday.
He commended his new blog/wiki Bibliopedia.
What’s Bibliopedia?
Here’s Jared’s introduction from his own blog:

Bibliopedia is the most exciting development to come to the web, like, ever. It has bibliographies for various theological subjects, especially for use by students at PTC. B no longer stands for boring – it stands for Bibliopedia. So B all you can B, and look at Bibliopedia. Only PTC gives you the power to B. B yourself at PTC.

(That’s pretty effusive for Jared, you can tell he’s excited.)
Some more detail from the Bibliopedia frontpage.

This is a wiki, which means it is just like Wikipedia. If you are a theological student who has received a reasonably high grade for an assignment, why not upload the bibliography here, or extend an existing bibliography?

Over time more and more bibliographical details can be added. This will give you more time to actually read and study instead of trawling catalogues.
So if you’re studying a particular subject Bibliopedia will help you find useful references faster. If you live in Mount Gambier and can’t get to the PTC library you’ll just have to drop by my place for your books and coffee.

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