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Does Wine Taste Better In Wine Glasses? (via Today I Found Out)

We had a situation the other day where we were faced with drinking wine but didn’t have wine glasses available.
So the glasses were removed from the dishwasher and cleaned by hand.
It just didn’t seem right otherwise.

This article on Today I Found Out deals with the very question: Why Is Wine Almost Always Drunk In Wine Glasses?

… how did the modern wine glass come to be anyway?
To begin with, wine pre-dates humans making glass by at least a few thousand years and probably much more, with the earliest archeological evidence of wine making dating back to around 9,000 years ago. In comparison, humans didn’t start making glass more complicated than beads until around 4,000-5,000 years ago. Containers of choice for the earliest of wine drinkers are thought to have been things like bamboo, shells, gourds, animal horns and skins, etc.

Read the rest at Today I Found Out

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How Best To Survive Falling Out Of A Plane Without A Parachute (via Today I Found Out)

Turns out the survival rate for falling out of a plane without a parachute may be slightly higher than that of being a Presbyterian minister in South Australia. (That’s a joke. It may be true, but it’s still a joke.)

This post on Today I Found Out is about how best to survive a parachuteless fall from great height, and a bit about some people who actually lived to tell their tales.

Most important to keep in mind is that remembering the article may fill a second or two if you ever are plummeting to your death, but surely you’ll have more important things to muse on during those final instants of your life.


Sure, you’re probably going to die anyway, but, hey, having something- anything- to do will help distract you from the truth that your adventure here on Earth is about to end and, no matter who you are, the fact that you ever existed will soon be forgotten- for most, in a shockingly short amount of time…
But do not go gentle into that good night my friends. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


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What Is The Difference Between Bees, Wasps, and Hornets? (via Today I Found Out)

This video from Today I Found Out is about the differences between bees, wasps, and hornets.
So, hornets are a type of wasp, and wasps can be either social or solitary.
And after their working life wasps spend their time waiting to die getting drunk.
Or something like that.
Watch the video.

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Why Is “Sic ‘em” Used As A Command For Dogs To Attack? (via Today I Found Out)

Another of life’s big questions: where did the practice of using the phrase “sic ‘em” to command dogs to attack come from?
No mention of where the succinct Australian variation “skitch” come from though.

The phrase seems based in older language usage, but how do these sorts of things find themselves in popular usage:

“Sick,” in this context, had nothing to do with the word meaning “ill,” but rather was simply a dialectal variant of “seek,” which used to sometimes carry the connotation of seeking with the intent to attack. (This sense of the word “seek” was used as far back as around AD 1000 in the work, Beowulf.)

Read more about it at Today I Found Out.

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When Coca-Cola Tried To Introduce Vending Machines That Raised Their Prices On Hot Days (via Today I Found Out)

Everyone is used to (but nobody likes) the way that petrol prices rise and fall through the week in a way that has less to do with the cost of production and more to do with increased demand and capacity to pay.
In Australia most mortgages have interest rates that can be raised (and more recently lowered) with no or little notice.
But the same grudging tolerance is not extended towards other products.
This Today I Found Out Story made me think of that.
It’s about a time when Coca-Cola trialled vending machines that had internal thermostats so that they could raise or lower their prices based on what would be understood to be people’s thirst.
It did not prove to be a popular measure.
Perhaps it was simply before its time.
(When I used to drink soft-drink there was a vending machine that sold Coke Zero cheaper than anywhere else and I went out of my way to use it.)
A brief excerpt.

When asked how Coca-Cola as a company planned to take advantage of the amazing revelation that hot weather inexplicably also coincided with an increased demand for cold drinks, Ivester stated that they’d been developing a new line of vending machines that exploited this fact. Specifically, [then CEO Doug] Ivester explained that Coca-Cola had been experimenting with vending machines that contained a thermostat and simple software that would raise the price of the products within the machine once a certain temperature threshold had been reached. As Ivester himself would correctly point out during the interview, neither the technology nor the idea of raising the price of a product in times of great demand was a new concept, noting in regards to the latter that “the machine will simply make this process automatic”.

Read the whole article at Today I Found Out.

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The Truth About Lemmings (via Today I Found Out)

You may have heard that lemmings commit mass suicide jumping off cliffs.
You may also have heard that is not true.
This video from Today I Found Out provides some background to clear things up.
Turns out appearances can prove deceiving.