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Does Wine Taste Better In Wine Glasses? (via Today I Found Out)

We had a situation the other day where we were faced with drinking wine but didn’t have wine glasses available.
So the glasses were removed from the dishwasher and cleaned by hand.
It just didn’t seem right otherwise.

This article on Today I Found Out deals with the very question: Why Is Wine Almost Always Drunk In Wine Glasses?

… how did the modern wine glass come to be anyway?
To begin with, wine pre-dates humans making glass by at least a few thousand years and probably much more, with the earliest archeological evidence of wine making dating back to around 9,000 years ago. In comparison, humans didn’t start making glass more complicated than beads until around 4,000-5,000 years ago. Containers of choice for the earliest of wine drinkers are thought to have been things like bamboo, shells, gourds, animal horns and skins, etc.

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Oversized Wine Bottles Named After Biblical Kings

Many of the oversized wine bottles in this Mental Floss article share names with Kings whose names are found in the Bible, other biblical figures, and a ring in or two…

Imagine taking a Melchizedek of red away from Dan Murphy’s.
I’d need a few friends around to help out.
I’m not fussy though, a Rehoboam or Jeroboam would be fine.