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Gary The Adventure Cat

I could try to claim Gary the adventure cat as my spirit animal, but you all know he loves the outdoors a lot more than I do.

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Melbourne Cat Café

Today my daughter and I spent an hour or so at the Cat Café in Melbourne’s CBD.
Hidden away in Guildford Lane, it has two stories of cats roaming as they like.
It’s a charming place. Caringly run, the feline residents (all re-homed from refuge situations) are well cared for and unstressed by the 18 or so strangers who visit each hour.
Drinks and snacks are basic, but you’re there for the cats.
Fellow visitors ran the range from a couple very, very emotional cat enthusiasts to one younger lady who had never petted a cat before.
My daughter commented there wouldn’t be any need to visit a cat café in our home town because we already have a cat.
But when you’re away from home and miss some feline company it hits the spot.

How many cats? (And thinking of the one special cat at home)

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We’re Gonna Have A Cat (Café) Party

Maybe I knew Melbourne had a Cat Café.
Maybe I didn’t.
Anyway, daughter and I are visiting tomorrow.
Apparently someone will have trouble sleeping tonight.
(And it won’t be me.)

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The Church Crow

It’s never lonely working at MGPC with Squawkie the crow incessantly displaying his disapproval of our windows.

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Animals Reacting To Musical Instruments

As amusing as this video is, the fact that when I started playing it my cat came and sat on my lap (and is helping me type this) adds to the enjoyment.
A variety of animals, a variety of instruments, a variety of reactions.

Smidge approves.

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What Is The Difference Between Bees, Wasps, and Hornets? (via Today I Found Out)

This video from Today I Found Out is about the differences between bees, wasps, and hornets.
So, hornets are a type of wasp, and wasps can be either social or solitary.
And after their working life wasps spend their time waiting to die getting drunk.
Or something like that.
Watch the video.

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Christmas Fails

This page at Facts and Trends features ten moments when Christmas related church activities did not go to plan.
Most feature children and animals.
These are meant to be salutary warnings, not ideas, folks.
Here’s one with a Christmas camel, who does not seem to come off worse for wear.