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Christmas Fails

This page at Facts and Trends features ten moments when Christmas related church activities did not go to plan.
Most feature children and animals.
These are meant to be salutary warnings, not ideas, folks.
Here’s one with a Christmas camel, who does not seem to come off worse for wear.

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Cat Care Videos

Apparently there will be a new cat at our house when we get home.
Here are two videos related to cat care.
The first features Simon’s Cat in 9 Essentials For A Happy Cat.

The second features a vet on the type of names and vocal inflections that are helpful for getting your cat to pay attention to you.

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Fifty Collective Nouns For Groups Of Animals (via Mental Floss)

It’s always fun to keep up with collective nouns for groups of different animals.
This article from Mental Floss has some I’d not heard of.
A walk of snails (or an escargatoire)
A coterie of prairie dogs.
A bale of turtles.
A wisdom of wombats.
Among others.
Some sound made up, but the ones I did know were legitimate, so I guess they’re all good.
Check out how many you knew.

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Bin Chicken – The Evolution Of Nature Documentaries

This comedy sketch presents a faux nature documentary featuring Australia’s own white ibis, which has become an urban scavenger, the bin chicken.
Perhaps this will be an example of what nature documentaries will transition into.

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48 Seconds Of Pandas

This is a teaser trailer for an upcoming documentary about Pandas, filmed in imax format.
Anyway, maybe your day needs forty-something seconds of black and white cuteness.

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Black And White Photo Day 6

Sixth of seven days of black and white photos.

No explanations.

None needed.

No nominations.