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Grumbling: Putting God In The Dock And Finding Him Guilty (via Tim Chester)

God’s people can be singing his praise and grumbling against him in a matter of days, hours, or minutes.
Tim Chester writes about how easily we can lose perspective and how quickly our hearts can harden:

It’s sometimes said that most Western societies are three days of empty shelves from civil disorder. We appear to live peacefully together—but if something went wrong with food supplies, then it would only take three days before rioting and looting broke out. That’s certainly how it was among the Israelites.
The Israelites have been rescued from Egyptian slavery in the most dramatic fashion. They have seen the hand of God parting the Red Sea and defeating the Egyptian army. They have sung, “The Lord is my strength and my defence … In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed” (v 2, 13). But all that was three days ago. Today they are hungry and they are grumbling.
When we think of it like this, the Israelites’ grumbling is ridiculous and inexcusable. But then think about your own life. Perhaps you sing of God’s unfailing love on a Sunday morning. But three days later — or maybe three hours later — you are grumbling. Think of all the things that God has done for you. Think of all he has promised to you. But think, too, how easily you lose a sense of perspective. Think how much better you are at seeing what you do not have than what you do have. All we see is bitter water. All we see is our problem or lack.

Read the rest at Core Christianity.

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Liturgy – Boring And Outdated? by Tim Chester

This video is basically a plug for Chester’s new book, but he value adds by making a couple of nice points about a trend towards a new appreciation for historic worship forms and what we should be wanting from worship whatever its style.

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Come And See

This is an animation of Come And See, a track from The Topsy Turvey Kingdom an album of songs for children by Michael Tinkler with Tim Chester.

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Free ebook Copy Of Tim Chester’s You Can Change

Crossway Publishers are making a free copy of the ebook edition of Tim Chester’s You Can Change upon completion of an anonymous online survey on dating and marriage that the publisher are conducting. You may find the questions they ask interesting.

Go here to see for yourself.

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Songs From The Crowded House – EP From The House Band Featuring Michael Bleeker

a1219128869_10Some of you will have read and appreciated material from Tim Chester.
Crowded House is the church where Chester is a pastor, and Songs From The Crowded House is their first musical release.
Maybe you’d like to have a listen.
(Given that the download is for sale in British Pounds at bandcamp, the Australian iTunes version is probably good value.)