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Differences Between The US And UK Editions Of Protestants By Alec Ryrie

I found that Alec Ryrie, author of Protestants a book I’m reading has a blog.
One of the posts deals with preparations for the publication of Protestants for UK, US and Dutch editions.

From Ryrie:
“In secular old Britain, this is being marketed as a history book; in America, more more as a religious one.
[a] sign of this difference is the slightly different subtitles: America gets Protestants: The Faith That Made the Modern World whereas Britain has Protestants: The Radicals Who Made the Modern World.”

More here.

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Watching – Lion

I listened to Saroo Brierley's book Lion as an audio book reading on early morning ABC while out walking.
It was a captivating narrative, plainly told, but made extraordinary by the events related.
Tonight we're watching the movie.

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Holiday Reading – Protestants The Radicals Who Made The Modern World by Alec Ryrie

Holiday reading is resuming after a hiatus.
Protestants – The Radicals Who Made The Modern World by Alec Ryrie is a sweeping 500 page historical survey that seeks to demonstrate that understanding the modern world is impossible without understanding the Protestant movement.
It also came highly recommended.

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Holiday Reading – Resilient by Mitchell Johnson 

I’ve left Captain Cook floating around New Zealand (it’s okay, I already know where he’ll be arriving in a couple of weeks) to read Mitchell Johnson’s autobiography, Resilent.
There is much to admire about Johnson’s effort to come back from being written off as an international cricketer, a comeback that represented personal growth as much as physical recovery and skill development.

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Holiday Reading – Sea Of Dangers

From fiction to biography/memoir to history.
Sea Of Dangers is subtitled Captain Cook And His Rivals. Geoffrey Blainey writes about James Cook and another mariner, Jean de Surville, and how their journeys of discovery nearly intersected.
Looks interesting.

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Holiday Reading – The Happiest Refugee 

So, next holiday reading book is a biography, Ann Do’s The Happiest Refugee.
He’s an engaging author, and his story is remarkable.
Bookstore QBD have it for a great price.

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Holiday Reading – Camino Island

I’m trying to read.
It takes a while for my head to relax enough to focus.
Starting with something light, Camino Island by John Grisham.
Grisham’s books pull you along, and his latest is no exception.
After this I’ve got a couple of others in the queue.