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Second Evening Of Summer In Nelson, Vic

Dropped in at a Camp Karnkendi committee meeting early this evening.

Summer hasn’t quite arrived in Nelson, but the hospitality, as always, was warm.

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Season For Sneezing

The rain stopped and the skies have cleared for a day or so in Mount Gambier which heralds the onset of Spring.

Here’s the pollen that was in the air this morning.

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Change In The Weather

This morning’s exercise around Mount Gambier was a bit cooler.

It wasn’t breezy, so not too bad.

A sign of things to come.

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Not Quite

Mount Gambier’s record maximum is 44.1 degrees Celsius. (In 2014, I think I was doing a graveside commital that afternoon)

Today we’ve reached 44.0.


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Frosty Reception

Outdoor walk in a spring frost in Mount Gambier.

Lulled into a false sense of security after my time in Queensland I didn’t wear my gloves.

It took twenty minutes after I got home for proper feeling to return to my hands.

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Official Mount Gambier Emoji Soon To Be Released

Among the seventy or so new emoji that will be released later this year, there is an official one in honour of our town, Mount Gambier.

The emoji people aren’t exactly identifying it as such, but it’s pretty obvious.

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Not Just For Cats…

Winter in Mount Gambier is cool.

Cold really.

And not just for cats.

For everyone.