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This Pretty Much Sums Me Up At The Moment

A friend sent me this song today.
It’s called Worn.
This is pretty much me right now.
Completely hopeful and completely had-it.
All at once.

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Any Similarities…

My host gave me this beer to drink.
It’s very good.
Any similarities to the drinker were completely coincidental.
I think.

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My Phone Spies On Me

I’ve got an ‘up next’ message about a flight to Sydney that I’m just about to get on.
My phone is reading my email.
And it’s trying to organise me.

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One Of Our Family Mottos

“Overkill is under-rated”
(We have a lot of lot of family mottos, but, on reflection they seem to overlap)

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Looking Forward To Saturday Night

Okay, since January 1 is a Sunday, I won’t be staying up till midnight on Saturday to see the New Year in.
My daughters point out that I didn’t stay up till midnight last year either. But I didn’t have a reason to go to bed before midnight. I was just lame.
This year I have a reason. So I’m not lame. I’ll party like it’s not yet 9.45.
I’ll deal with 2017 next year.