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Blood Pressure

Routine medical tests recently.

Blood pressure tracking at 118/78.

Which is okay.

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Blue Skies

My coat is off.

It really is a Sunshine State.

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Kitchenaid KSM170

This has been a decade or so in the planning, and with the demise of its predecessor a Storm Black KSM170 Kitchenaid mixer has joined the household.

I won’t get to use it for a while though, because I’m back on the road tomorrow morning for a week.

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Shared Lunch

You know I’ve been a bit restrained for the last twelve months.

If I break out, it’s for something worthwhile.

And with someone special. (Rachel, not Margaret, if you’re wondering, though)

Big Boy BBQ, Melbourne. Recommended.

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Hotel Amenities

I just had to start a bit later after the opening crowd went off to get ready for work.

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This Week’s Base Of Operations

A few days of rest and recreation.

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It’d Be Nice

If I could go a day or a week without experiencing that vice-like grip on my chest that flows from feeling like a failed human being.

Just for a while.

I’m sure it would be nice.

I just can’t quite remember what it’s like.