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Ninja Cat Gets Fish Lunch

The cat in this video is a lot more certain about what to have for lunch than I am.

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Chinese Dumplings Made And Cooked In Three Seconds

This is for foodies and engineers.
If you’re both then happy days.

Here’s three second crumbed prawns.

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There’s Still Ham…

The pace is slowing on the ham consumption around here.
But we should finish it today.
Here’s three kittens exhibiting perfect drifting skills as they hit their three food bowls.

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The Man Who Has Only Eaten Pizza For 25 Years

I think what makes this weird is that he only eats plain cheese pizza, no other toppings.
Googling around suggests this is genuine, because it is surreal watching.
And I really feel like pizza.

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When Lunch Fights Back

This cat probably had dire intentions for a little chipmunk.
But the chipmunk had other ideas.

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Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burritos

This is what the internet exists for.
BTW, as you see, this is tagged episode one.