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Must Love Dogs

Meet Buddy.
Buddy has taken great interest in the annex where Rachel is sleeping.
Breaking in under the zipped down door at late and early hours.
Apparently Buddy found some musk sticks and sherbets there and has been keen to find more.
Rachel’s love for all things dog is being sorely tested.

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Slurpee Sip Mitt

Apparently this is one of the best things ever.
Stops hand from freezing and Slurpee from melting too quickly.

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Rachel’s Singing Week

Rachel is participating in Showcase this week.
It’s an eisteddfod sort of thing.
She’s let me put these up so you can see how she’s been going.
Margaret liked hearing her sing.

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When Your Baby Turns Sixteen…

…you don’t have any babies anymore.
And haven’t for some time, actually.
Happy Birthday Rachel.
(Elijah was delighted with the cake and enjoyed saying that it was his birthday even though he knew it was his aunt’s.)
Congratulations to Christine for a decadent cake and Kathryn for organising the family purchase of a special present.
I wonder if she’s going to get her Learner’s Permit tomorrow?


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Why Cooper Goes Last

Thanks to the public holiday my fifteen year old daughter was on hand to manage me through my Monday lunch confusion today.
Much to her mother’s amusement.

Anyway, this 45 second video reveals why Cooper has to wait when sharing an ice-cream cone with Daisy.

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Elf Suit Story

Walking briskly down the main street of Mount Gambier for a completely random reason.
Glance in window of local party supplies shop ‘It’s A Celebration’.
See mannequin dressed in ‘elf’ costume.
Mention to my daughter ‘If I bought you that elf costume, would you wear it to our carols tonight?’
She replies ‘If you bought me that costume I most certainly would wear it to our carols tonight.’
We go into the store and enquire ‘Is that elf costume a sale item, or a display item?’
The shopkeeper replies ‘It is a sale item, I have one remaining packed one over here.’
Suit is marked down from exorbitant to merely expensive.
Ask my daughter ‘You will get more than one wearing from this costume, won’t you?’
Receive reassuring response ‘Of course.’
Shopkeeper expresses some encouraging words about it being the time for impulse purchases and that the costume is a quality item, not at all like one from a cheap shop, which I take as being a sign of relief at selling their last elf costume mid-way through Christmas eve.
We go home and share the triumph with everyone.

Anyway, that’s the elf suit story.

My wife has another story about being married to the only Presbyterian minister in Australia who’d buy an elf suit for their daughter to wear at the church’s carols night.
Perhaps it’s best not to ask her to tell that story though.
Just yet.


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Unicorn Onesie, Received With Approval

Apparently onesies are the best thing ever.
I don’t know when it happened but it has.