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My Daughters Wished I Took This Class: Hairbrushing 101

Classes for fathers on “how to do “pain-free” brushing, use detangling products, execute a basic ponytail, create a fishtail braid and — the piece de resistance — a flower braid.”
One testimonial: “It’s definitely helped,” he said. “And it’s better than her sitting there going ‘ouch, ouch, ouch’ when I brush it.”
Here’s the article on Melbourne’s Herald Sun.
If you search you’ll find it at other places.

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Christine Plus House Frame

Some of you will find this interesting.
A progress shot of Christine in her new front doorway.
She said I can post these.


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What Teachers Make (via Taylor Mali & Zen Pencils)

A poem by Taylor Mali illustrated by Gavin Aung Than at Zen Pencils, which answers the disparaging question ‘What do teachers make?’ by showing that they make far more than the value of a simple income.

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Timeless Advice For Mount Gambier Girls

From Questionable Advice And Advertisements, sourced from Spokane Daily Chronicle, June 9, 1939.
I’ve spent some time over the last ten years worried about the possible loss of toes during Mount Gambier winters, all in the name of fashion.

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This Reminded Me Of Someone I Know

Nerves of steel.
She also jumps in all the startling parts of the movies and shows we’ve seen a dozen times before.
Nerves of steel