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Pancakes, Maple Bacon, Maple Syrup

Pancake Tuesday Dinner.
Alton Brown’s pancake recipe, maple bacon, and maple syrup we bought at Costco.
This is a once a year dish. Literally.


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Bacon Mug Filled With Cheddar Cheese

I’ve been meaning to post this picture of a bacon mug filled with cheddar cheese.

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Bacon Alarm Clock And How To Order Bacon And Eggs

Firstly, an Oscar Mayer (USA) ad which promises an alarm clock you’ll always want to be woken up by.
ht for both

Secondly, TV character Ron Swanson demonstrates the correct way to order bacon and eggs.

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Going To Breakfast #GAAus13

Meeting with moderator-general designate David Cook and his other chaplains for breakfast.
I hope there’s bacon and real coffee.
Which reminds me of this…