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Jesus Shall Reign – 2018 Getty Music Global Hymn Sing

I signed up for the 2018 Getty Music Global Hymn Sing, this year featuring Jesus Shall Reign plus a new Getty composed chorus (surprise).
The chorus is singable, and the lyrics are sympathetic to the original hymn.
(Set to the tune DUKE STREET, rather than the tune WARRINGTON which I am more used to singing it to).

Anyway, anything that results in Christians singing classic hymn lyrics praising the Jesus, the name above all names is okay by me.
Here’s a lyric video.

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The Sibling Rivalry Behind Adidas Versus Puma (via Great Big Story)

A two minute entertaining background piece on the Dassler brothers whose sibling rivalry resulted in the worldwide show brands Adidas and Puma.

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Parrot In Portugal by Sandra McCracken

How can you go past a song called Parrot In Portugal?
From Sandra McCracken’s Songs From The Valley.

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The Comforting Church (via Christina Fox)

True Gospel comfort is meant to be shared.
From Christina Fox at the Gospel Coalition:

This story of gospel comfort in 2 Corinthians reminds us that we’re all united to Christ, and that when he is at work in one of us, it affects all of us. God’s grace multiplies as it works through the life of a local church.
The comfort God gives, however, isn’t for us alone. We can’t hoard it. The ways the gospel has changed us must be shared; the truth of who Christ is and what he has done must be voiced.
Based on this truth, the comfort we give to one another in the church isn’t the “you can do it” and “everything will be okay” comfort of the world. No, this comfort is honest about sin and its effects. It doesn’t sugarcoat or wish things away. Instead, it seeks hope and help outside of our own strength and in the only One who can save. It’s grounded in the glad news of who Christ is and what he descended to do.
What does such comfort look like in the church?

  • When the Spirit helps us put sin to death, we share that joy with other believers so they too can rejoice in the gospel’s power at work.
  • When we’ve endured a season in which God met us in our pain, we share it with other believers so they too can see God’s faithfulness.
  • When God provides what we need in the eleventh hour, we share that joy so others can know that God is Jehovah-Jireh, our provider.

When God strengthens us in weakness, when he heals and brings redemption, when he teaches us through discipline—in all these ways and more—we share that comfort for another’s spiritual good.
May our friendships in the church be unique. May they be marked by gospel comfort. And just as Paul, Titus, and the Corinthians experienced God’s comfort, may the gospel come full circle in our own churches as we witness and testify together to what our King has done.


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For The Beauty Of The Earth by Sara Groves

Sara Groves joins the list of musicians recording hymns albums. ( called Abide With Me)
For The Beauty Of The Earth is a brief and reflective introduction to that project.

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Lover Of My Soul by Sandra McCracken

Lover Of My Soul, another track from Sandra McCracken’s Songs From The Valley EP.

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Hymn Of The Ages – Sunday Songs

Hymn Of The Ages features on Good News, the latest album from the prolific Rend Collective.
They always feature a good blend of songs on their releases.
This is quite anthemic and hymn like, with strong corporate lyrics declaring praise to God.

The lyrics:
All history shall bow before Your throne
Time and space on bended knee shall come
Though kingdoms pass away
Your majesty remains
How great You are
How great must be Your song
The Alpha and Omega without end
The Everlasting makes this wretch His friend
The angels stand in awe
This beggar heart responds
How great You are
How great must be Your song
You’re the hymn of the ages
The hope of all the world
You carried our redemption on Your shoulders
You’re the anthem of salvation
Jesus, Lord of Lords
Your legacy will echo through the ages
Oh, for a countless choir in my lungs
To sing Your praises with a thousand tongues
The purpose in my days
Is ever to proclaim
How great You are
How great must be Your song
We raise the never-ending song
The greatest song we’ve ever known
The song of angels
The hymn of ages
Holy is the Lord
We praise the never-ending One
The greatest joy we’ve ever known
All hail King Jesus
Forever glorious
Holy is the Lord

Written by Rend Collective
© 2018 Capitol CMG Paragon / Rend Family Music (BMI) (Admin. at
All Rights Reserved.