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The Slow Miracle Of The Lord’s Day (via Greg Wilbur)

It is true that what people perceive as a sudden noticeable drop in weight is actually nine months of steady committed discipline and effort.
Consistency bring results.
God wants his people to gather together week by week under the means of grace for a similar purpose.
Come and worship tomorrow.

Greg Wilbur reflects on Scripture, the writing of Muether and Hart, and the Westminster Catechism.

As we consider corporate, congregational worship and its elements, can we approach it from the standpoint of submission because we know it is good for us rather than from the position of what we personally like? We submit to that type of discipline in exercise, eating, and learning new skills. The same applies to the on-going discipling (discipline) of Lord’s Day worship. It takes time to see results of an exercise regimen, and there are various times of success and plateaus but by looking back from where we have come, we see the trajectory of better fitness and health. The same is true with the discipline of worship and the trajectory of spiritual fitness and health.
Lord’s Day worship imperceptively reorients our affections towards heaven and away from earthly concerns, towards the eternal rather than those things that are passing away, to the way of the cross instead of our own comfort. To paraphrase my pastor, God did not redeem us by the blood of His Son in order for us to sit comfortably in our pew every week. The on-going shaping of the Sabbath equips, prepares, challenges, and changes us.
Have patience in the work of Sabbath observance—in your own heart and in the response of the congregation. The Spirit is at work in these outward and ordinary means.

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Creator God, Our Sovereign Lord by Nathan Clark George

Creator God, Our Sovereign Lord is a track from Nathan Clark George and Gregory Wilbur, as sung by Nathan Clark George on the album Rise And Worship.