Song: You Love Defends Me
Call to Worship
Song: This Is Amazing Grace
Prayer Of Confession
Song: Come O Fount Of Every Blessing
Affirming our Faith: New City Catechism 33
Song: Now To The King Of Heaven
Bible Reading: Esther 4:1-17 – Mordecai urges Esther to appeal to King Ahasuerus to rescind his edict commanding the annihilation of the Judean exiles throughout the Persian Empire, reminding her that it may be that she was placed in her high position “for such a time as this” (4:14).
Bible Memorisation: James 2:14-17
Song: Jesus Shall Reign
Bible Reading: James 2:14-26
Video: James Bumper
Sermon: Faith In Serving
Song: Saviour While My Heart Is Tender (Tithes & free will offerings will be taken up during this song. Guests are not obligated to give an offering.)
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: Man Of Sorrows

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