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Man Of Sorrows by Ellie Holcomb

This song called Man Of Sorrows is a track from Ellie Holcomb’s album Red Sea Road.

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Do Not Worry by Ellie Holcomb

Do Not Worry by Ellie Holcomb from her EP Sing: Creation Songs.
I needed to hear this song today.
And tomorrow.
Day after that…
You get the idea, I’m a worrier.

I need to remember “you’re not a bird and you’re not a flower
You don’t have petals or wings
But there’s good news, cause you’re worth so much more
To the God who made everything”

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Electricity by Drew and Ellie Holcomb

Drew and Ellie Holcomb make great music together.
This song is called Electricity.

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Light’s Always Stronger by Ellie Holcomb

Light’s Always Stronger by Ellie Holcomb from her EP Sing: Creation Songs.
Music for children that adults can enjoy hearing multiple times.

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Wide, High, Long, Deep by Ellie Holcomb

The lyric video of Wide, High, Long, Deep by Ellie Holcomb.
A companion to Sing from the EP Sing: Creation Songs.
If you’ve heard Ellie’s other output you’ll hear it as one of her songs.
Great truths for little ears that your ears won’t grow tired of hearing.

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Sing by Ellie Holcomb

Sing is from an EP by Ellie Holcomb called Sing: Creation Songs.
It features text from an upcoming book Who Sang The First Song?
It is not related to an animated movie some of you may have had to sit through too many times.

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You Are Loved by Ellie Holcomb

You Are Loved, a song that reflects Psalm 34:5 and Romans 5:8 – written by: Ellie Holcomb, Christa Wells, and Nicole Witt
Sung by Ellie Holcomb on her album Red Sea Road.

Some days you’re tired of trying to measure up
You see a girl who’s not enough
When you look in the mirror
Some nights all you want to do is hide
Cause every time you look inside
You’re face to face with failure
But you are loved, not because of what you’ve done
Even when your heart has run the other way
Nothing’s gonna change His love
And you are wanted, not because you are perfect
I know that you don’t think you’re worth that kind of grace
But look into His face, you’ll know
That you are loved
You’ve searched for something that will stir your soul
That will make you feel less alone
But nothing ever saves you
He knew before you ever took a breath
There’d be days when you’d forget
How beautiful He made you
That Jesus, He chose you
He sees you,
He knows you, ohhhh
You’re covered, forever
Beloved Daughter
Look into His face, you’ll see it there
Look into His face, you’ll know
That you are loved