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Cow Wants Cuddles

They used to say Carnation brand milk came from contented cows. (They still may say that.)
Anyway, cows don’t come much more contented than this.

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Cows Outside After Five Months In A Barn

Psalm 29:6 contains the phrase that God makes mountains skip like a calf.
These cows are a bit older than that, but they’re pretty excited on their first trip outside after five months of winter confinement.

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Happy Bovines

Here’s a couple of videos for the Bovineophiles.

A machine called ‘Happy Cow’ doing its job.

A little personal attention goes a long way.

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Farmer Makes Smiley Face Pattern With Cows In Paddock

Fun on the farm, filmed with a drone from overhead.
You can fast forward through the slow bits.
I don’t think our farmers have time for this sort of frippery.

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Cows: If You Play It They Will Come

Cowophiles may have already seen this, but here it is anyway.
Wait till when they sing along at the end.