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Solovair Boots

I bought/ordered a pair of Solovair boots from D’Honk Scooters when I was last in Melbourne. Darren Shaw was a pleasure to deal with, and when the (slow boat) shipment arrived he mailed them over. Solovair are hand made in England, made by a factory that used to make Doc Martens before their manufacturing was moved to Asia. They’re a significant investment, and may well see me out for my boot needs.

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Keeping Black Clothes Black

Not being particularly fashion conscious I don’t mind greying too much.
Anyway, this video has some tips.

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The Little Pocket On Blue Jeans

Turns out that little pocket on the front of blue jeans was originally to put a pocket watch in.
Don’t take my word for it.
Levi Strauss & Co say so.
It’s hard to argue with them.
Read about it here, along with a few other items of blue jean miscellany.

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Out With The Old, In With The New

My family think I have attachment issues.
But it was time for a new pair of shoes.

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Winter Warmers

I know it’s the middle of Summer, but some people in this town probably had their fire places going last week.
And I won’t remember these when winter rolls around unless I post them now.
Among a list of winter warming options posted at Mental Floss,
these Dwarven Beanies
and heated insoles stood out.

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Batman ‘Under The Southern Cross He Stands’

Because nothing says ‘Australian Pride’ like a t-shirt featuring an image of Batman under an Australian flag, unless…

…it has an Australian flag cape on the back!!!