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Classic Country Footy Club Coffee

Wonderful hospitality at Tarpeena Football Club after a funeral today.

I saw cups like these in The Dish earlier this week, and the take me back to childhood memories.

And that mug has every one of 43 beans in it.

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Because I Felt Like It

Not the best (oh, Muffin Break, why did you stop using passion fruit icing?), but very acceptable.

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Keep Cup

Early morning run to Warrnambool for furniture pickup.

I bought a keep cup for my coffee.

Saving the world one cup at a time.


The World’s Strongest Coffee

Black Insomnia claims to be the world’s strongest coffee.
“One 12-fluid-ounce (355-milliliter) cup contains nearly double the recommended daily allowance of caffeine.”
For some reason it doesn’t seem to come in instant.
If we were going to use it at MGPC, I’d be aiming for people to drink it before the service.