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Old Man Strength

In which a crossfit competitor gets made up as an old man, visits muscle beach, and hijinks ensue.
Can’t say why I liked watching this.

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Just Stop (via Babylon Bee)

Christian satire site Babylon Bee has an article about an imaginary phone app that provides an electric shock when someone is praying out loud and uses the word ‘just’.
Maybe pulpits or lecterns could be wired up with sensors and contact pads to do the same thing.

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Basil Fawlty Shilling For Specsavers

John Cleese revives his Basil Fawlty persona after 35 years for an ad for Specsavers, of all things.

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The Inferiority Of English Christmas Carols

This video features Martin Luther’s evaluation of English Christmas Carols.
Thankfully it never gets to ‘Little Drummer Boy’ or ‘Do You Hear What I Hear’.
Sadly I can’t tag this one as ‘satire’.

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When We’ve Been There Ten Thousand Years… (via Church Curmudgeon)

When we’ve been there ten thousand years, we may just get to sing “Amazing Grace” the normal way again.
(and yes, I know that phrase was not part of the original hymn)

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Here’s some more…

Pastor proposed a new church plant. The Decorating Committee started bickering for 5 minutes before they realized what he meant.

For sale: 36 pews
Rows 2-35: moderate wear
Row 36: as is
Row 1: mint

I just met you
And this is crazy
You’re in my pew
Move over, lady

The reason they call it a “selfie” is because “narcissistie” is too hard to spell.