Here’s a YouTube featuring four songs which were sung at the John Piper in Brisbane event on August 25.
Not surprisingly, the names Getty and Townend feature prominantly.
The songs:
Come People of the Risen King – Getty & Townend
This Life I Live – Morrow
In Christ Alone – Townend
O Church Arise – Getty & Townend
If you want something that has strong content, is singable for a wide range of voices, and can be picked up by a large group who haven’t heard them before they’re your go to men.
Which reminds me that Come People and O Church Arise need to make it to our morning song list at mgpc.
This Life I Live complements them well.
From the EMU stable it is evocative of the Getty/Townend catalogue. (Which is a compliment.)
Thanks to Peter Yock for the link. (I think Peter’s the guitarist in the video.)

4 thoughts on “Four Songs From Brisbane’s John Piper Event

  1. peter y says:

    you think correctly 🙂

    1. Gary Ware says:

      I forgot to say ‘Nice job,’ as well.
      I only saw the guitar and percussion in the video, what other instrumentation was there?

      1. peter y says:

        that’s it, other than a violin. Those running the event wanted to demonstrate that you don’t need a ‘big band’ to get 3000+ people to sing together. I think it worked well.

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