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We Have Been Called To The Feast – Sunday Songs

I’m taking a day’s break from Advent/Christmas songs to feature We Have Been Called To The Feast from Matt Searles’ Watches Of The Night album.
We shared the Lord’s Supper at MGPC today, and this song reflects some of what we experienced there.

EMU music subscribers received a copy of this album last week, so hopefully a wider group of people are discovering his music.

The lyrics:
We have been called to the feast
To come without money and eat
‪There’s strength for the weary and hope for the poor
Here at your table, O Lord
We’re welcomed with arms open wide
You feed us with bread and with wine
Your mercy is seen and your promise is heard
Here at your table, O Lord
Blessed are all
You have called to the table
The lost and least
Will taste and see
You are faithful, forever faithful
The wolf will lie down with the lamb
Your ​glory will cover the land
​We taste of your goodness, the riches in store
Here at your table, O Lord

Lyrics (c): Matt Searles, Tim Chester and Nathan Stiff
Music (c): by Matt Searles and Nathan Stiff
Vocals: Adrian Mathenia and McKenzie Fuller

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How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place – Sunday Songs

How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place is a setting of Psalm 84 set to the hymn tune KINGSFOLD.
It comes from Matt Searles’ new album Watches Of The Night, which I was informed this week will be sent to subscribers of EMU Music releases.

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I Will Wait – Sunday Songs

I Will Wait is from Matt Searles’ new album, Watches Of The Night.

The lyrics:
To you O Lord I lift my soul
In deep distress I cry
I need your mercy every hour
O hear me from on high
If you O Lord should mark our sins
Who could before you stand
forgiveness comes from you alone
And mercy from your hand
I will wait for you
I will wait my Lord
I will wait for you
More than watchmen for the dawn
More than watchmen for the dawn
Come put your trust in God alone
His mercy never fails
Redemption’s light has dawned on us
Behold the coming day

Words and Music: Matt Searles

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Watches Of The Night – New Album Of Psalms And Hymns From Matt Searles

Notification arrived today that Matt Searles has released his fourth album, Watches Of The Night.
A collection of hymns and psalm settings, it is mature and assured, an album that encourages reflection and offers consolation to those in times of need.

It is only available at bandcamp presently, with a wider range of sale points to be added soon.
You can listen straight away, though.

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My Soul Finds Rest In God Alone by Matt Searles

I have posted couple of other songs based on Psalm 62 here and here.
The words themselves invite frequent revisitation, and minister afresh each time they are meditated upon.
This version is by Matt Searles.

The lyrics:
My soul finds rest in God alone
Salvation comes from him my rock
My one defence against the foe
He holds me firm no more to fall
How long O men will you attack
And break me down, and crush my soul
Their words are sweet but in their hearts
They feed on lies and curse the Lord
Find rest my soul in God alone
The source of all my joy and hope
My one defence against the foe
He holds me firm no more to fall
The Lord most high sustains my life
A place of peace amidst the waves
O put your trust in God our rock
Pour out your hearts and know his grace
How frail is man, just like a breath
Both rich and poor arise and fall
When wealth may come, preserve your hearts
Don’t set your hope on earthly gold
One thing O Lord you said to me
That you are good and you are strong
You will reward to every man
According to the things we’ve done

© Matt Searles 2016

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Be At Rest – Psalm 116

Many parts of the church will read and hear Psalm 116 this Thursday.

Here’s Matt Searle’s version as sung by Miriam Jones.

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Tumbling Sky – Matt Searles’ Album Of Psalms For Weary Souls Free For A Limited Time

To mark the release of his book Tumbling Sky: Psalm Devotions for Weary Souls Matt Searles is making the album which inspired the book available for free download.
The album is a wonderful addition to Searles’ two earlier productions.
The Psalms are chosen this time to reflect the ministry that they offer to those in times of lament or suffering.
I don’t know how long the offer will last.

Go here for information about the devotional book.

Go here for the free music.