Continuing to feature songs from Matt Searles’ Psalms For Congregations Vol. 2.
My Saviour Christ Is With Me is a version of Psalm 27.
It is set the tune How Can I Keep From Singing, which I’ve been recently obsessed with.

The Lord’s my light – I shall not fear
The Lord is my salvation
My tower of strength; my God is near
In every situation
Though enemies on every side
And armies rise against me
I have a stronghold for my life:
My saviour Christ is with me
One thing I ask, and I would seek
To gaze upon his beauty
To dwell with God and never leave
And see him in his glory
He hides me in his holy tent
When troubles rise around me
Here on this rock I stand secure:
My saviour Christ is with me
Give ear O Lord, and hear my cry
Pour out your grace and mercy
I seek your face with all my heart
Don’t turn your goodness from me
O God my help, forsake my not
When others turn against me
But you O Lord preserve my life
My saviour Christ is with me
Teach me your way O Lord my God
Make level paths before me
My enemies with lying tongues
Do violence against me
I’ll see the goodness of the Lord
Each day that I am living
Be strong my soul and wait for God
My saviour Christ is with me

Words: (c) 2022 Matt Searles.

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