Yes, I know it’s Monday.
It’s also time to feature some new releases from Matt Searles.
Psalms For Congregations Vol. 2 has lyrics set to recognisable and sometimes new tunes.
Praise Him All My Days is a version of Psalm 147.
It’s co-written with Matt Merker.

Praise the Lord, O my soul
Praise him all my days
Praise him with my every breath
All glory to his name
Do not trust in earthly power
Mortal men who cannot save
For their strength will soon depart
And like the grass they fade away
2 Rather we shall hope in God
O how blessed to know his grace
Who made earth and sky above
Whose faithfulness shall never fail
He gives justice for the poor
To the hungry brings relief
Opens up the blinded eyes
And he will set the captives free
He restores the weary soul
Yet defeats all wickedness
Crowns the widow with his love
A Father to the fatherless
He has come to walk with us
Making known the heart of God
Christ our life our only hope
And he shall reign forevermore

Words and Music: (c) 2022, Matt Merker and Matt Searles.

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