God My King, I Will Extol You is a song based on Psalm 145 by Matt Searles, sung by Felicity Jones.
It is set to the tune DIM OND IESU, associated with Here Is Love, Vast As The Ocean.
It features on the newly released Album/EP In Return And In Rest.

This video features a devotion by Matt and the recording of the song, which starts at 6:12.

The lyrics:
God my king, I will extol you
Bless your name forevermore
Every day, I’ll sing your goodness
Hymn the greatness of the Lord
You are praised through generations
Of your works we’ll always tell
We will praise your matchless goodness
Praise the God of Israel
God is merciful and gracious
Slow to anger, rich in love
He is good to all his creatures
Showers blessings from above
All your works shall bless and thank you
Tell of all your mighty deeds
Celebrate your wondrous kingdom
You shall reign in majesty
Lord your throne will last forever
You will reign from age to age
You are faithful to your promise
You are kind in all your ways
You uphold the weak and falling
Give your strength to weary feet
From you hand you pour forth blessing,
Satisfy our every need
God is righteous to his promise
He is kind in all his ways
He is near to those who seek him
Yet the wicked casts away
He fulfils the good desire
Of his saints who fear his name
Let all people’s praise his goodness
And forever sing his praise

Lyrics by Matt Searles
(c) 2020 all rights reserved

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